By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

Now that we got the introductions out of the way. Lets get this affair started. Big, Big game for the New York Jets this week.

After putting up the most points in the league in week one (48), the Jets moved up only four spots to number 17 in the ESPN Power Rankings. That's 10 spots lower than our sultans of stats have placed the Jets in our Cold Hard Football Facts Power Rankings

Yes, it was only the Bills, but word on the street was that the Bills were bucking for the silver medal in the east this year. Now the Jets must prepare to beat up on Big Ben and the Steelers. The Steelers lost a tough one on Monday night and look to make things right with the world again. Let see what the numbers say.

Here are five things you should be aware of:

1. Jets bring down the steel curtain (Jets vs. Steelers)

Can it be true? Can the Jets be a secret power house, about to wreak havoc on the NFL?

The only number that shows a glimmer of weakness was the run defense. The Jets are a lousy No. 31 on the Defensive Hog Index

We saw the game. Garbage time came midway through the third quarter and that's when the Jets defense punched the clock and went to lunch.

However, with the Steelers Offensive Hog Index stumbling in at 23 in our rankings, the Jets can go to an all you can eat buffet and be alright. 

If Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez can maintain his high level of play, ranking third and seventh respectively in our Real Quarterback Rating and Offensive Passer Rating, victory will be at hand. It's not in the nature of the Steelers to make things easy for anyone, let alone the Jets. They have won only twice in Pittsburgh throughout all of existence. It won't be easy, but they look ready for number three. 

2. Patriots stay perfect at Gillette stadium (Patriots vs. Cardinals) 

You look left, you look right, and the Patriots are breaking some record or another. With a win in their home opener this Sunday, the Patriots complete two impressive feats. They stay perfect and move to 11-0 in their last 11 home openers, the longest such streak in the league.

The only question is, will it be a bad beating or a terrible beating? The Cardinals have not named a starting quarterback as of yet. Quarterback Kevin Kolb came in for the injured John Skelton last week to pull off a win over the Seattle Seahawks. Early indications are that Kolb will start against the Patriots. So it will be just a bad beating. 

Even though Wes Welker only caught three balls for 14 yards, New England was still top 10 in our Real Quarterback Rating and Offensive Passer Rating. And unlike 2011, their Offensive Hog Index was tops in the league last week.

Last weeks defensive hero's, rookies Jones and Hightower, will be sure to say "hi" to Kolb on third downs. Pat's will stay pristine on their first day back home. 

The Patriots are huge two TD favorites against Arizona: the 18th time they've been favored by two TDs or more in the Bill Belichick Era. We break down their performance as huge favorites both straight up and ATS this week on CHFF TV.

3. Bills hope lightening strikes twice (Bills vs. Chiefs)

Why, it was just a little more than a year ago that the Bills decimated the Chiefs in the opening game of 2011, 41-7.

Of course it was a little less than a week ago that they were embarrassed by the Jets. The difference? The Chiefs secondary is third rate. 

Kansas City's pass defense is 31st rate actually, according to our Defensive Passer Rating. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan shredded them down to number 32 on our Defensive Real Quarterback Rating. Ryan Fitzpatrick expects to do the same. You know . . . because they have the same name, Ryan. 

Running back C.J. Spiller who replaced the injured Fred Jackson will do so again against the Chiefs. Spiller helped the Bills achieve a number three spot on our Offensive Hog Index. He will need to duplicate his efforts on Sunday. And, if the Bills are lucky, defensive end Mario Williams will be done counting his money and try to sack someone. Take the Bills, but barely.

4. The futility bow (Dolphins vs. Raiders)

Talk about your bad starts. Both of these teams need a a Red Bull IV drip. Both Miami and Oakland are in the bottom third of our Quality Stats Power Rankings.

Rookie Ryan Tannehill (there's an inordinate amount of QB's with the name "Ryan") threw three interceptions in his debut last week against Houston. That qualified for 31st place on our Real Quarterback Rating with an anemic 36.13.

Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer was racking up yards. He just wasn't scoring any points. He should be able to garner some success against Miami's lack luster pass defense. Oakland is just a little bit better than the Dolphins in almost all of our quality stats. So they will be a little bit better than them on the field. 

5. You should sleep well knowing . . .

... After a few more wins, there will be a Mark Sanchez corn maze in Central Park. They made one for Peyton Manning in Colorado after he made everyone forget about Tim Tebow. So stock up on butter and tooth picks.

... Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said he learned the Dolphins snap count by watching the HBO series Hard Knocks, featuring the Dolphins. Well the Raiders only have basic cable, so the Dolphins should be fine.

... Despite a possible broken nose, Tom Brady will not miss this Sunday's game. You expect nothing less from "the worlds toughest metrosexual." At least that's what Wes Welker says. He might be looking at another three catches this week.

... If the Jets played lights out after being called "a circus" by the media, Mario Williams might be up for manslaughter charges on Sunday after what was said about him by ESPN's Damien Woody and NBC's Rodney Harrison after last weeks performance.