by Kennedy Ross

Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

Aside from slipping on a banana peel, you couldn't have gotten more "Three Stooges" on the field than the Jets Monday night. In this Stooges episode Mark Sanchez was Moe, Larry, Curly, and Shemp all rolled into one bumbling quarterback.

Here are five things we learned from this astonishingly bad game:

1. Mark Sanchez is horrible. (Titans 14 - Jets 10)

HOLY CRAP that was bad! This game lived down to just about all expectations. The only question in anyone's mind when it comes to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is, is he that bad by himself, or did Jets management turn him into what he is. 

There is no question that what he is is clearly one of the five worst quarterbacks in the league.

For the second time in three weeks Sanchez has thrown at least three interceptions. Tonight it was four interceptions and he threw in a fumble at no extra charge to the Jets fans crying at home.

Sanchez threw for 18 whole and complete yards by half time. He ended up with 131 on 13 for 28 passing. 

His quarterback rating for the game was 32.6.

2. No running from this loss. 

In a funky game as this one, even a moderate running game can tip things in your favor. The Jets running game played up to the prerequisite moderate level. They rushed for 146 yards on 30 carries.

Shonn Greene led the way with 68 yards, followed by Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell with 29 and 28 respectively. But when your offense keeps Fedexing the ball back to the other team, a decent running game is nullified.

The Titans run game was a bit healthier with 167 yards on the ground. Of course Chris Johnson led the way with 122 of those yards. And of course a bulk of them (94 yards) came on one play.

Quarterback Jake Locker was actually the next best running option on the Titans with 43 yards including a rushing touchdown.

3. What's your take on Sanchez now Braylon?

Unceremoniously discarded wide receiver Braylon Edwards returned to the Jets this week. This was days after he called the Jets higher ups "idiots" on Twitter. He didn't like the way the Jets have handled Mark Sanchez's's career.

On the one hand Edwards has a point. But on the other hand and after tonight's performance, Edwards may have second thoughts.

Even Edwards' return couldn't save Sanchez from himself. Or the Jets, or Jet fans for that matter. This was easily one of the worst games ever in Sanchez's career, and Edwards had a front row seat. 

He was on Sanchez's radar during the game, being targeted five times. He caught three balls for 47 yards. The two he din't catch was caught anyway, by the other team. 

Edwards was the intended reciever on two of Sanchez's four interceptions. 

He clearly had a better time with Sanchez in his first stint as a Jet. But then again, everything was better in the good ole days. That would be way back in 2009-2010. Gone are the good ole days for sure.

4. Decision time for Rex.

Just to get this out of the way. Jets head coach Rex Ryan never, ever had any intention of using Tim Tebow for anything more than a break in the action.

It was only two weeks ago Mark Sanchez was stinking up the joint in another three interception game, when Ryan pulled him and inserted the back up quarterback. Conveniently, the back up that day was Greg McElroy.

McElroy won the game which prompted a short lived quarterback controversy. Ryan inserted Sanchez back into the starting line up last week and won another droll game over another lifeless team. 

Tonight Sanchez throws another three interceptions with the game on the line. Yet Ryan does not go to the back up. Instead he lets Sanchez commit two more turnovers to seal the loss and any playoff chances that were struggling to stay alive.

Coincidentally, Tim Tebow was back to being the back up and McElroy wasn't even activated. Nuff said.

Now decisions will have to be made on Rex Ryan. On whether or not he should be retained as the Jets head coach. All indicators are that Ryan should not be a head coach. 

For the millionth time he started his post game press conference off with how well the defense did or did not do. Then he finally got around to his horrible quarterback and how he single handedly knocked his team out of the playoffs.

These Jets are a ruined team. They need to be cleansed. They shouldn't even wait for next year. Make the decision now.

5. Now that the smoke has cleared . . . 

 . . . Mark Sanchez has committed 50 turnovers in the last two years. Worst in the NFL. Eric Mangini might return to "Man-genius" for that draft day trade after all. 

 . . . With all the atrocious quarterbacks starting in this league, why do Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, or Vince Young not have jobs?

 . . . Sanchez should go and back up Tebow in Jacksonville next year. It's no worse than any idea the Jets have had over the past couple of years.