Mark Sanchez

It's seems like an impossible task. Mark Sanchez must pull off a miracle when the New York Jets host the Houston Texans this coming week. His future with the Jets depends on it.

If you were watching the San Fransisco Forty Niners clog the Jets' offense this past Sunday like I was, you must agree that Mark Sanchez failed to produce on quite a few counts.

First, Sanchez didn't exhibit an ounce of leadership on the field. He looked like he was sulking after every botched attempt to convert on the third down.

Second, the offensive line gave him ample protection and time in the pocket to make something happen, but Sanchez's decisions were not his best.

Third, Sanchez caused a couple of turnovers and couldn't seem to elevate the ball over the hands of the Forty Niners' defense.

 Mark Sanchez has not been able to keep the offense on the field for any length of time, which takes it's toll on the defense. I understand that injuries have taken better players away, but at the same time someone needs to step up and make things happen. That person has not been Mark Sanchez.

Though I am not a huge Tim Tebow fan, I have no choice but to hope he gets the starting quarterback position if Mark Sanchez remains in his funk. The New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills and should have, could have beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, should never have allowed the game against the Miami Dolphins to be a nail biter and as far as the Forty Niners? Well it shouldn't have been a blow out. 

The Jets move onto week five with Sanchez still at the helm. If he can't make things happen this coming week, he should be replaced. Mark Sanchez has to win against the Houston Texans.