By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)d

Like the R&B group Blue Magic sung back in the 70's, "it's the saddest little show in all the land, let the side show begin". 

The apocalypse has begun . . . for the New York Jets anyway. A more pathetic game could not have been played by anyone not receiving social security checks. The spit and tape holding the Jets together has started to come loose. 

On the other hand, the Patriots looked similar to the Jets going into the half of their game against the Bills. Then they activated a time machine and the 2003 Patriots appeared in the second half and roasted the Bills for 45 second half points.

AFC East rival the Miami Dolphins suffered a tough loss in Arizona. 

Here are five things we learned about the AFC East in week 4:

1. THREE . . . TWO . . . ONE . . . KABOOM!!! (49er's 34 - Jets 0)

The New York Jets went down in a ball of flames against the 49ers. We saw this coming. The Jet fans saw this coming. Even Nostradamus saw this disaster coming. Everyone except the Jets saw this coming. 

The Jets amassed a grand total of 145 yards for the entire game. They averaged a mind bending 2.9 yards per play, only nine first downs, and were a horrific 2-13 on third downs. 

On the other side of the ball, the Jets defense gave up a whopping 245 rushing yards. The 49ers rushed 44 times at an average of 5.6 yards per rush. Their Defensive Hog Index was already ranked at 31. Guess now it's going to be 32.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez seems to be getting worse as the weeks go on. His Real quarterback Rating will surely dip below the number 19 ranking it has now. Some of his passes aren't even close to the receivers. This would indicate that there is confusion between the quarterback and the receivers.

Oh and Tim Tebow did absolutely nothing yet again.

2. Patriots explode all over Bills for the blowout win. (Patriots 52 - Bills 28)

A tale of two teams. Three teams if you count the Bills. The New England Patriots played like Dr. Jekyll in the first half and Mr. Hide in the second. Or vise-versa depending on which team you were rooting for. 

The Patriots scored six second half touchdowns. Four in the fourth quarter alone. Tom Brady threw three touchdown passes and ran for another. His counterpart , Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, threw four touchdowns, but four interceptions as well. 

In all, the Bills turned the ball over six times to the Patriots two. The Patriots' 21st rank Defensive Real Quarterback Rating got a boost  with all of those picks by Fitzpatrick. His Real Quarterback Rating of 91.07 is surely no more. Consistency seems to be the enemy of the Bills.

The Bills run game let them down most likely because their two running backs both came off of injuries. Their number one Offensive Hog Index only amassed 98 yards on the ground.  If you're a Bills fan you may want to close your eyes. The Patriots have scored 50 or more points seven times in their history. Three of those times were against the Bills.


3. Dolphins lose a tuffy in OT (Cardinals 24 - Dolphins 20)

For the second straight week the Miami Dolphins lose a game by a field goal in over time. Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is learning hard lessons about tough losses in the NFL. He threw for 431 yards against the number four defense on our Defensive Real Quarterback Ratings. He also threw two interceptions.

The last of those two interceptions was the most costly, as it set up the Cardinals' game winning drive in OT. Both defenses had trouble against the pass as the Cardinals Kevin Kolb threw for 324 and three touchdowns on 29-for-48 passing. Not entirely indicative of a number eight spot on our Defensive Passer Rating.

Dolphins running back Reggie Bush willed himself into the game after suffering a knee injury last week. As a team the Dolphins only rushed for 86 yards with a three yards per rush average. The Cardinals maintained their stature as a top five Defensive Hog team. 

The Dolphins will have a chance to be on the other side of a close one as they face Cincinnati next week.

4. Another major injury for the Jets

New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes went down with a leg injury in the loss to the 49ers. It had the eerie similarities of the injury that fell Darrelle Revis last week.

Revis is most likely lost for the season even though he has not been put on injured reserve. The Jets have now lost their best defender and best offensive player.

And because the Jets went on a summer long date with Tim Tebow, they never picked up any other seasoned receivers for just this type of emergency. 

Whats most maddening to Jets fans is that they are not even using Tebow. So they sacrificed the fortification of their team for nothing so far. Not looking good for Gang Green.

5. Now that the smoke has cleared . . . 

 . . . Rex Ryan has finally opened his eyes and looked at his team. And he did what Jet fans have been doing since pre-season, cursing up a storm

 . . . Pats running backs Steven Ridley and Brandon Bolden both rack up 100 yards each on the Bills. Wasn't C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson supposed to be the tandem to do that?

 . . . Now that the Jets are falling apart, they really have nothing left to lose by giving Tebow more playing time. Quite frankly it will be a good excuse as to why the Texans mutilate them next week.