Welcome to "Ring Around the Rosey," NFL style, Friday marked the biggest movement of quarterbacks since the free agency period begand just 10 days ago. All in a days work, here is what transpired.

Matt Schaub was traded to the Raiders.

Mark Sanchez was releaed by the Jets, a team that now avoids paying his his roster bonus.

The New York Jets sign Michael Vick to compete for a starting job, but primarily to backup Geno Smith.

Now that it appears the quarterback openings in the NFL are dwindling, Sanchez seems to be the odd man out of sorts, only a few years removed form taking the Jets to the AFC Championshop game twice. Not too shabby fro a guy who is bexst known for the "Butt Fumble" that ESPN has used to make him famous beyond compare.

Not a good thing to be known for a city like New York. Now the only questions that remain are if Smith keeps his job away from Vick and if Sanchez can land somewhere asa  back up or somehow win a starting role.

Here are a few teams that could be in play.even with the quarterbacks expected to be drafted this year, these teams might have an interest in Sanchez.

Oakland: As odd as it sounds, it could happen. Oaklna dgave up a late round pick to get Schaub, who I think is stil a mid-tier NFL quarterback. The Raiders could scrap everything and start over. Who knows what happens.

St. Louis: There is a theory attached to this one. The Rams have already publically stated they will nt offer starting quarterback Sam Bradford a contract extension right now. It appears the first pick in the 2009 Draft is a lame duck. The Rams could plan to draft a quarterback next season or they could sign Sanchez.

Cleveland: The Browns technically do not have a starting passer right now. They have shown interest in Kirk Cousins, Matt Schaub and the Draft with Johnny Manziel. The Browns could still move to get Sanchez for competition and for a potential starter.

Chicago: The Bears are in an odd spot. They signed Jay Cutler to a rediculous contract, let Josh McCown leave to Tampa Bay and a are in need of a backup. This seems like a perfect fit. Cutler will not stay healthy all season.

Pittsburgh: I a throwing this one out there for grins. The Steelers have a tough quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger but he is also the most abused passer in the league. That takes a toll on his body and he does get injured. It is possible this team brings in another veteran for a backup role.