When fans and the media look at the Alabama/Georgia game, they assume Notre Dame will be playing Alabama in the title game.  This assumption is correct and the head coaches are to blame.

Mark Richt's laid back attitude leads to the Dawgs' choking in big games.  Richt needs to create some sort of sense of urgency when they play on the grand stage.  Here are some results that will occur due to Richt's lack of discipline:

  • Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones will miss many tackles against the run.
  • Key passes will be dropped by UGA receivers Malcolm Mitchell and Tavarras King.
  • Bacarri Rambo and others will commit several personal fouls and interference penalties.

When fans think of a Saban coached team, they know the little things will be executed:

  • Barrett Jones and the Bama offense will not commit penalties.
  • Eddie Lacy will hold on to the football.
  • The Alabama defense will not give up the big play.

Saban will not settle for less than a BCS title.  Georgia fans will pat Richt on the back for a successful season. How many more years will Georgia fans accept anything less than a title?

These are the issues that will result in the beat down Alabama will put on Georgia.


Sweetheart's Stuff      

Can we get off this ride?

You've made it abundantly clear you can't stand Georgia. Reading your article is like having a marital disagreement with you, we keep rehashing the same stuff over and over and over....

Fine, let's talk about it one more time, Stuart! 

  • Mark Richt's laid back attitude - Maybe he's given up!
  • The Dawgs choking - please try Kibbles n' Bits and immediately follow with toilet water.
  • Every game played by a pack of losers is considered a "Big Game".
  • Mark Richt's lack of discipline - Pretty sure he's given up!
  • Key passes will be dropped - At this point, shouldn't every pass be handled with care?
  • Someone with the last name Rambo will have fouls & penalties? - No...get out!

Saban wins all the time because he's an overgrown, pampered, suburban boy who was never told "NO" as a child.

P.S. If anyone is to receive a trophy it should be his wife!

Your Biggest Fan,