Marcus Lattimore

The story of former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore has been an intriguing one to follow. After suffering two catastrophic injuries at South Carolina, Marcus Lattimore wanted to prove to the NFL world that he could return to the high pedestal that he once saw himself atop.

Once the San Francisco 49ers took the injury stricken running back in the 4th round, head coach Jim Harbaugh was fully aware of the fact that Lattimore may have to take a redshirt year. Despite this, Lattimore remains a low risk high reward player, who certainly looks to be the latter. Lattimore was the number one running back in the country, showing his north-south running ability, and his effectiveness on zone runs. According to NFL Network's Charlie Casserly, "He's the best back in the draft. When you're in a position of strength, you don't need to draft right away. They're investing in the future." 

While Lattimore may have all the talent and potential in the world, it seems physically impossible to fit him in with the current running back rotation. As fans saw last year, Brandon Jacobs saw himself sitting the bench, deteriorating in skill by the second. With the already talented Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, and LaMichael James, Lattimore's chances to see playing time this season seem unlikely. Even so, Frank Gore turns 30 this coming May, and will slowly see his play drop off. If Lattimore impresses in the preseasons for years to come, the Oklahoma State product Kendall Hunter could see himself traded, to shove Lattimore atop the depth chart. The South Carolina workhorse is simply a Frank Gore carbon copy, and will see success in the San Francisco 49er's organization if he trusts the process, and get's himself healthy.

Lattimore has begun sprinting and jumping exercises in efforts to rehabilitate his knee in time for the season. He'll resume agility work in "a few weeks" and has experienced "no setbacks.""Whatever is best for my career or future, I'm good with it," Lattimore said. "The 49ers and the coaches there, we'll come to a conclusion of what we should do. I'm just so fired up; I'm excited about everything and just ready to work hard."