The Dallas Cowboys and Johnny Manziel are two of the hottest topics in all of football and they might be uniting on draft day. It was rumored earlier this week that the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones would do anything possible to make Manziel a Cowboy. Whether or not this is just a publicity stunt or has actual truth to it is yet to be seen, but either way it makes for a great story.

The Dallas Cowboys have the 16th pick in this year’s NFL Draft and the problem is Manziel is not expected to drop that far on draft day. In order for the Cowboys to make a serious run at Manziel they will likely have to make a trade with a team in the top ten, possibly even the top five. The best case scenario for Dallas is to see Manziel have a draft day like Brady Quinn experienced several years back where he was expected to go top five and dropped almost out of the first round.

The Cleveland Browns have the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and Manziel isn’t expected to get past the number four pick. The Browns are looking for a spark to their franchise by drafting a high profiled quarterback like Manziel. The Cowboys appear to have that same idea in mind and Manziel going to Dallas would certainly create some buzz.

There have been multiple reports the past several days that Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and other top management personal of the Cowboys will do whatever it takes to get Manziel. This idea is fascinating, but how would this play out on the field if the Cowboys got their wish and somehow landed Manziel?

I believe he would be a nice fit for the Cowboys and would boost the hype surrounding Dallas even more, if that’s even possible at this point. Manziel has many of the same qualities that their current quarterback Tony Romo possesses. Romo has always been a quarterback that has used his mobility to his advantage to escape pass rushes and make plays out of nothing. Romo’s accuracy while making passes on the run has been one of his biggest strengths in his time with the Cowboys.

As you sit and look at Romo’s strengths as a quarterback and think about how Manziel played in college you realize they share a lot of the same characteristics. This thought to some could be troublesome because of all the disappointments the Cowboys have experienced with Romo at quarterback. The one thing I feel Manziel has above Romo is a burning desire to win and an ultra competiveness that would be a welcome sight to the Cowboys.

Manziel in college played with passion and a refuse to lose attitude that we don’t see in too many quarterbacks these days. I am not saying Romo does not possess these qualities, but Manziel would bring a confidence to the Cowboys that they need to see on the field of play. Romo’s disappointments as quarterback have grown old to most and I actually like the idea of brining Manziel to the Dallas Cowboys.

The question of whether Manziel will be a bust or not in the NFL is very debatable, but I feel he will be successful for years to come. His competiveness and will to win he shows every game is impressive to me. This would be a nice addition for Dallas and if they are able to make their wishes come true and somehow get Manziel on draft day it will be a big acquisition for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys have missed the playoffs the last three seasons on the last Sunday of the season and brining Manziel in would help change the culture into a more positive one. His actions off the field were questioned in college, but that behavior is an every week occurrence in the NFL. The Cowboys want Manziel and they also need him if they hope to make any significant noise in the distance future.

The 2012 season saw the Washington Redskins bring in a big time college quarterback, Robert Griffin 3, and they went 10-6 with a playoff berth with Griffin as a rookie. Griffin, much like Manziel, was in the mold of a Big 12 type quarterback who played in a pass happy offense with remarkable scrambling ability. Griffin proved he could be successful and Manziel could do much the same if the Cowboys are able to acquire Manziel on draft day.

This story of Manziel to the Cowboys is very intriguing and honestly a great headline to follow as draft day approaches. Manziel and the Cowboys both have a sense for the limelight, so imagine these two united together for years to come.

Manziel being a Texas high school football legend and an instant legend at Texas A&M and in the SEC only makes this story more interesting to follow. If you are a Cowboys’ fan the idea of acquiring Manziel should be exciting and a breath of fresh air to the franchise. The Cowboys, by all accounts, will go all out for Manziel and that is the exact thing they should do.