The Seattle Seahawks are in position for a wild card spot in the NFC. They are really overachieving this season considering they are starting a rookie 3rd round pick in QB Russell Wilson. The receiving corps came in with question marks. They had Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards in their training camp; that should let you know how they felt about their wide receiver situation. It was no secret that the defense was going to be what Seattle hung their hat on in order to be competitive. The running game was going to have to be the major source of their offensive success.

The Seattle defense has done its part being ranked No. 2 overall in the NFL. However, without the running of Marshawn Lynch this team would really have no offense. I am willing to say that Marshawn Lynch is easily the most valuable player on the Seahawks and possibly the entire NFL!

Now before you tell me I am crazy, let's look at the reasons for this statement. First of all if we are going to consider Adrian Peterson for MVP, someone who may not even make the playoffs, we should consider a running back in Lynch who is in a playoff position as we speak.

Secondly, we already know that opposing teams are loading the box to stop the run against the Seahawks. With that being said, it has not mattered. They still have not been able to stop Marshawn Lynch at all. He is 4th in the NFL in rush attempts with 261. Of the running backs that have at least 250 carries this season, he is second in yards-per-carry with 4.9. His 1,266 rushing yards rank 2nd in the NFL and his 9 rushing touchdowns tie him for third in the league among running backs.

Also, out of all playoff bound running backs he accounts for the second highest percentage of offensive yards from scrimmage with 27.2 %. That is more than Houston's Arian Foster (25.7%), San Franicisco's Frank Gore ( 24.7%) and New England's Stevan Ridley (19.9%). Only the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice, with 30.3%, accounts for more. 

Now, if Adrian Peterson makes the playoffs, that will make all of this null and void. (That article is coming soon!) But until we see that AP is in the playoffs, the argument for Marshawn Lynch needs to be made. Marshawn Lynch has had an outstanding season. Opposing defenses loaded up and tried to stop "Beast Mode ", however, they could not even contain it!