Sam Bradford has started 49 games in his career, posting an 18-30-1 record with 59 touchdowns, 1,032 completions and 11,065 yards.  

Looking at his career from a detached financial perspective, Bradford has earned: 

$1.04 M / per game 

$ 2.84 M / per win

$865,169 / per touchdown

$49,462 / per completion

$4,613 / per yard

According to sports business guy Darren Rovell, Bradford's career earnings will reach $65 million by season's end (the end of the contract). 

If that is accurate, the numbers look like this …

$1.33 M / per game

$3.6 M / per win

$1.1 M / per touchdown

$62,985 / per completion

$5,874 / per yard

Any way you look at it, the Sam Bradford era in St. Louis will be looked at as a colossal failure. It's unfortunate, but it's the harsh reality of a results-driven business.