Bill BelichickIf you're like me, you also play Madden. A lot. Madden is the most realistic football simulator there is. Sadly, because EA is a terrible company (they've ACTUALLY been voted the worst video game company TWO YEARS IN A ROW), they like to add "new" features instead of fix the terrible angles that the secondary takes.

I say "new" because they like to take out and bring back the same-old features every other year. Anyways -- here are the Top 10 of the MANY things I'd LOVE to see happen in the 25th Anniversary of Madden.

No. 10 Get rid of "Chad Masters"

For those of you who don't know, Chad Masters apparently is the coach of the New England Patriots. I know what you're thinking. What happened to Bill Belichick? Also, if you remember, Bill Parcells was also not in any of the Madden games.

Well, neither of the Bills were in the Coaches Association. But even so, they could at least make it a bit closer. Like... Bell Bilichick. Or Bob Belidude... Or they could just ask Belichick nicely.

No. 9 25 Years Buggin'

Madden 2013 really messed up the Connected Career mode. There's a lot of bugs that they should fix, for example, the salary cap bug. I guess if you re-sign a player that has more than a year left, the cap number breaks and you're stuck at like $-1332.51 million. Not cool. Lately, I've been playing my Eagles Career (with coach Tom Landry) and I had to turn the salary cap off just to sign or re-sign any of my players. I like to keep my Madden games as realistic as possible, so try to fix it guys. You've been doing this for too long for stupid stuff like that.

No. 8 Back in 'Nam? They did it better back in 2009.

This one, surprisingly, isn't a complaint. Well, it kind of is. Ever played Madden 09 on PS2? They made it more interesting with the Player Career, and how it's basically your life. You've got a house and you have to go to the gym to train, etc. It's fun.

In the newer Maddens, they had the drills! They had the actual training in there! Since when is Madden an RPG? I don't want to upgrade with points, I like to upgrade with hard work! These mini-game-like challenges made the game less of the same-old-same-old. I LOVED playing the cornerback drills. Now, I can't do that anymore. I also believe they could put in an option for the over-the-shoulder view on defense for player careers.

No. 7 I'm a level 99 warlock, so how'd you get past me?

Do ratings not count for a whole lot? I mean, when I play Connected Careers, Aaron Rodgers (I do random teams most times) sucks it up. He's like the 10th best, to people like Sam Bradford or Ryan Tannehill. I understand that "You'll never play the same game" but I still want it to be consistant.

I want to see Rodgers, Manning, Brady, and Brees towards the top EVERY YEAR. It's called being -realistic-! Another case is, I could have one of the best offensive linemen in the entire league, and at least once a week, someone will stroll right past him, as if the 250-pound monster is invisible. This needs to stop. I get sacked before I'm even done dropping back. The trenches are horrid. Sometimes, a blitzer will run right and my left tackle will run to the right side of my center. FIX IT.

No. 6 Ahhh! I broke my arm! Nevermind, I'm a ragdoll.

I love how if I get an interception in Madden 13, the defense has no idea how to hold a ball. They hold the ball with one hand and don't even tuck it. Then they get tackled and their arms go flying behind them like it got dislocated from the shoulder.

Ridiculous stuff, if you ask me. I love the whole "7 million ways to tackle! New physics!" thing that EA did, but if you can't get the physics to replicate anything but noodle-bones, don't use that as a super-awesome perk. It looks ridiculous. Figure it out guys. You're a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

No. 5 15-minute quarters?? More like first to 100.

Anyone who plays Madden knows that for realistic stats, you need to set the time anywhere from 7 to 9 minutes and have the clock sped up. If you play with 15 minute quarters, you're basically doubling normal stats. The game just breezes by waaaay too easily. I mean, 70 percent of the games I play, the combined score is over 30/40 points by the time halftime rolls around. And that's on 8-minute quarters! Just slow it down a bit, EA.

No. 4 Wait, I'm not going to Hawaii?

Soooooo uh... What happened to the Pro Bowl exactly? I'd be voted as the starter for the Pro Bowl, yet can't play it, even if I'm not in the Super Bowl. I don't know if I'm just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but this is ridiculous.

There is Pro Bowl voting IN the game. I've gotten 41 Pro Bowlers over an eight-year Eagles period, and I have never once played the Pro Bowl. I've lost in the championship round ON PURPOSE just to play it, and still nothing!

Why did they take it out? The Pro Bowl may not be super fun to watch on TV, but in a video game where everyone is actually trying, it's freaking awesome to throw touchdown bombs from Peyton Manning to Larry Fitzgerald over the head of Eric Weddle and Joe Haden. FIX IT, EA.

No. 3 Winning 52-7 or losing 7-52

The difficulty is really frustrating. I play on custom, because All-Pro is WAY too easy and All-Madden is ridiculously out of your favor. Instead of making your quarterback deathly inaccurate and your players unbearably useless, why not increase the intelligence of the opposing AI?

This has been an issue for so long. They even made a specific "personalized" difficulty level in the old Madden. I think it was 2010. But stop it with the skill changing! Tom Brady is ranked a 98 overall for a reason! Stop making it so he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat! Just increase the AI/CPU's awareness! If I wanted to be inaccurate and have everyone drop everything, I would play as Mark Sanchez and throw to Jermichael Finley.

No. 2 Caught me with my back turned!

You ever been rushing the quarterback and have a straight, wide open path right to him, but at the last second, an o-lineman comes from the side and you get hooked into a pointless animation while the QB throws the ball? Isn't that just the best? You can be running after a running back where out of nowhere, you're almost completely turned around due to a wide receiver blocking you.

In the NFL, the pocket has something called "pressure." It's when defensive linemen are getting closer to the quarterback and trying to get the ball, instead of being stuck in a 2-foot space seeing "who's the bigger man" with your back to the QB.

That sucks. It's lame and not fun. Get rid of animations. There was a pressure system in All-Pro Football 2K8. THAT'S FROM 2007. Step it up EA. Players in 2K8 actually tried to get the ball carrier instead of the sidelines.

No. 1 A Lack of Defense Perception

I just love when I make an audible and the defense all rolls up to the line as close as they can, allowing me to throw it deep easily. Or even when theres a zone scheme and I throw it to a guy who will obviously get tackled by the safety that is 10 yards in front of him, but the safety takes a terrible angle, and completely misses the wide receiver, allowing an easy touchdown.

I hate this so much and it needs to be fixed. How do you have such terrible angles 24 years into your series? With the way technology is and even was, there should be NO problem with getting simple geometry correct. It's pathetic. If they don't fix it, everyone should just trade it back in and pick up a copy of Tomb Raider or something.

I know, I may have missed a few things, so give me some feedback, and tell me what you'd like to see. We already know that they re-shaped the player movement (which is why that's not on this list), so let's hope it's a success.

Thanks for reading! I'll leave you with a review after the game comes out.