Jeremy Maclin tip toeing the sideline in a 2012 games in Cleveland.When Desean Jackson was picked up in free agency over the offseason by the Washington Redskins, the Eagles needed to find a big play receiver.  The Eagles could not have asked for better timing for the return of Jeremy Maclin from an ACL injury that caused him to miss the entire 2013-2014 season.  Healthy and now looked at as the number one receiver in Philadelphia, Maclin is ready to have a monster year.

Before tearing his right ACL, Maclin was a big play reciever who averaged 13.4 yds a catch over the course of his career.  Maclin will be looked at to stretch the field for quarterback Nick Foles and take the pressure off superstar running back Lesean McCoy.  It seems as if Maclin will fit in perfectly in Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense along with being the only proven, veteran receiver next to Riley Cooper.

With Chip Kelly having one of the most innovative offensive minds ever, look for Maclin to be put into unique packages that will highlight his play-making abilities.  Last year teams had a tough time adjusting to the Eagles high-octane spread offense.  Add in Jeremy Maclin and opposing defenses are back to square one.  The NFC East is also more known for their explosive offenses than a punishing defense so look for the Eagles to take advantage of that.

While you can not guarantee a big year from Maclin because of the Eagles offensive unpredictablity and versatiltiy, look for Maclin to get targeted often. After all, Maclin is a proven receiver in the NFL.