Longhorns The 2013 Texas Longhorns entered this season with extremely high expectations. These expectations at this point seem foolish and an after thought to what the Longhorns are facing in reality.

This bumpy road doesn't seem to be getting any better and more than likely will only get worse as the season progresses. 

The Longhorns beat New Mexico State 56-7 in Week 1 and seemed to have things on the right track for the 2013 season.

This excitement level was put to a sudden halt after losing to BYU in Week 2 40-21.

The Longhorns allowed a school record 550 rushing yards to BYU and had double digit missed tackles. This brought an alarm to Longhorn nation everywhere that the defense was still a very weak area. 

After the loss to BYU the Longhorns fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz of his duties. Texas than hired former co-defensive coordinator from 2004 Greg Robinson.

Robinson was the defensive coordinator in 2004 when Texas defeated Michigan 38-37 in the Rose Bowl. Robinson was brought in as a quick fix, but even that didn't do the trick in Week 3.

Texas was hoping to enter the Ole Miss game with a motivated attitude and and a sense of urgency to prove the doubters wrong. Texas did anything but that Saturday against Ole Miss as they were man handled 44-23.

Ole Miss running back Jeff Scott ran wild against a beat down Texas defense that seemed to have no will. This has brought all the spotlight on head coach Mack Brown.

Brown is in his 16th season as Longhorns' coach and has seemed to lost what it takes to get the job done at a place like Texas. Texas enters every season with hopes of being national title contenders and even a ten-win season is looked down upon at the University of Texas. Brown at this point is on the verge of losing everything from the players' faith to trust of the fan base.

Some believe Brown has already lost this team and I would tend to agree with that assessment. Brown has lost his players and his voice just isn't getting across to them now. The team clearly showed on Saturday that they had quit on the coaching staff and the season. The Longhorns haven't even got into Big 12 play and already show signs of non interest.

I believe this is because of them having hopes of contending for a national title and after the loss to BYU those dreams were shattered. The Longhorns only have the Big 12 title to play for, but by the looks of it that is not enough to interest the players or coaching staff.

I feel Texas will not regain national prominence until coach Brown is let got or either decides to do what is right and walk away at season's end. Brown at this point could just stay on for the rest of the season as a fair well tour since that is really nothing to gain on a national level.

Brown did many great things at the University of Texas including winning the school's first national title in 35 years and helping lead a program that generated millions of dollars over the past 15 years. He even led the program to a direction where they were able to start their own network.

Texas is and always will be the school of Texas, but at this point the credibility is being lost and could only get worse. Brown needs to go or Texas will not be back on top anytime soon. Brown was great for ten-plus years, but now it's time for him to walk off into the sunset before his reputation and the school's reputation gets any worse.