LSU vs. Georgia

The matchup between the Tigers of LSU and the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday afternoon was one of the best games this season. UGA won the game 44-41 in Athens in a back and forth battle between two of the SEC's top tier teams. One can only hope that these two teams can somehow match up again in the SEC Championship game. Here's a review from this game of the good, bad, and ugly:

The Good:

Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger threw for 670 yards and 7 TD's and one rushing TD by Murray. Talk about off the chart passing for a collegiate football game. These two guys were firing lasers around the field like Manning and Brees on Sunday's. Simply amazing performance by the two former roommates. How good were these two? There were only four total punts in the entire game.

Landry and Beckham Jr.: This is not a knock on the Georgia receivers but Landry and Beckham Jr. were just head and shoulders the best receivers on the zip code on Saturday. These two combined for 16 catches and 278 yards and one  touchdown. Throw in some amazing catches and you have two high round draft picks for Sunday.

The Bad:

The defense of both teams were not particularly good today. It's not a knock on these guys because both teams have a lot of freshmen and sophomore's playing on that side of the ball so with more experience you should see some growth. The biggest problem is that both offensive coordinators were taken advantage of the defensive players on both teams poor communication with each other. It's especially concerning with the LSU's defense which has been ranked amongst the nations best the last few years. Players from both teams defense have been drafted to the NFL so the future is bright BUT for today it was really bad.

Les Miles: One of the knocks of Miles in the past has been poor clock management. Today, his team only had one bad decision and it was burning a timeout early in the 3rd quarter. It came back to bite them in the end when they could not stop the clock when Georgia had the ball. Otherwise, this was a pretty clean game by Miles.

The Ugly:

The SEC on CBS has been on for years and CBS normally gets the SEC's best matchup. However it may be time for CBS to get a new announce crew. Lundquist and Danielson are just brutal. There is no rhythm or flow to their calls and at times it seems as if they are watching a different game than the one on the field. Lundquist claimed a Georgia player caused a fumble on Beckham Jr. miscue on a punt. Danielson throws in irrelevant stories instead of analyzing the play or he misidentifies a player he tries to analyze. Some Saturdays it is better to just mute the TV and try to find the radio call than to listen to these guys.

If we missed anything let us know.