The LSU Tigers found their rebound date Saturday night in the form of the Mississippi Bulldogs.  As in any rebound relationship, the end was never in doubt.  The path to the end was rocky. 

As in any rebound relationship it was good, then bad, and then it was ugly.

The Good

As in any nasty break-up, the good sometimes is only good for one of the parties.  In this case, the good had nothing directly to do with the Tigers or the Bulldogs.  The good has to do with news heard before the game even began.

The loudest cheer in Death Valley was due to the good news received by the jilted party.

The good was Alabama Crimson Tide losing to Texas A&M Aggies, 29-24.  Nothing feels as good as having the one who hurt you, hurt a little bit also.

The Bad

Craig Loston is the bad. 

Yes, it is the same Loston who returned an interception 100-yard interception for touchdown.  It was the longest interception return by a Tiger since Greg Jackson went 100 yards for a score in 1988.  Yes, this is where looks can be deceiving.  No, the interception was good.  But here comes the bad.

On one series in the game Loston exhibited very bad behavior.  Loston helped the Bulldogs' move the ball to the LSU 14 when he was on the wrong end of a pass interference call.  And then, Bulldogs' quarterback Tyler Russell threw a 14-yard strike in the end-zone to wide open wide receiver Chad Bumphis.  Bumphis was wide open in the corner because he beat Loston. 

Two gaffes in one series isn't good.  When it results in a touchdown it is bad.

The Ugly

LSU's defense is the ugly.

Ugly is as ugly does.  And this ugly did it to the Bulldogs' offense.  The last 28 minutes of the game the LSU defense did ugly right.

In the last 28 minutes of the game, the LSU defense shut out the Bulldogs.  The Tigers' defensive ends Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo each had a sack on quarterback Russell.  And then, of course, there was the Loston interception for 100-yard return pick six. 

For the last 28 minutes, LSU defense did ugly right.