Before the 2012 college football season, then Arkansas' head coach Bobby Petrino was in a motorcycle accident. He first reported that he was riding alone, but the police consequently reported that former All-SEC volleyball player Jessica Dorrell, who was recently hired by Petrino, was also on the motorcycle that day. To make the long story short, it was revealed that Petrino and Dorrell were having a private relationship. It was also revealed that Petrino gave money and preferential treatment in hiring Dorrell. Petrino was later fired by Arkansas. During that time Petrino tried to become a changed man, so that he could get another opportunity to coach. In 2013 Petrino's wish was fulfilled as the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers offer him the head coaching position. Now Petrino is back at the University of Louisville trying to redeem himself with the Cards in the ACC.


It seems that everything fell in place for Bobby Petrino this past offseason. The Texas Longhorns felt it was time for long time coach Mack Brown to step down so that a new era could start. While quietly in Louisville, coach Charlie Strong had become one of the best coaches in college football, leading the Cards to an Allstate Sugar Bowl win against the Florida Gators and another successful season and a bowl win this past year. So Texas decided to hire Charlie Strong away from Louisville. As soon as the head coach position was opened at Louisville, the very first name mentioned was one time Louisville coach, Bobby Petrino. And unsurprisingly AD Tom Jurich decided to hire the changed Petrino. And to make things better for Petrino the Cards are moving to the ACC. Playing in this power conference will allow Petrino to win back his reputation faster than if the Cards were still in the AAC.


With all of the being said, can Bobby Petrino erase the past with wins? He most definitely can. In today's sports winning is all that matters. Even if you do a little cheating to get the wins. I'm not saying that Petrino will cheat to get wins at Louisville, but I am saying that his past conduct directly relates to the same moral principles. In today's society we have marched God and the Bible out of everything that we do and we have lost track of what our morals were and should be. I understand that people change and that people should get another chance, because no one, including myself, is perfect. But it worries me that we can praise someone that has repeatedly lied and committed adultery, because they can win some football games.


No matter what I say, once Bobby Petrino begins to win games, his past will be forgotten and the talk will be about the great hire the Tom Jurich made. People can change, and hopefully Bobby Petrino has, but we all should check were our morals stand with God's morals and then decide how important wins are in the grand scheme of things.