Snow at Metlife

A few minutes ago, over my lunch break at school, I happened upon an article claiming there may not be a halftime show at the 2014 Super Bowl, due to the possible weather conditions on game day. As a New Jersey native myself, I was appalled by the article written by, it seems, somebody who’s never come to New Jersey and possibly somebody who doesn’t know Metlife Stadium is not in New York.

For years, us New Jersey-ans have sat by, some less quietly than others, as not one, but two, NFL teams have played in our state and toted the New York label on their names: The New York Football Giants and the New York Jets.

This isn’t what my rant is about, but when you read an article that asks the question ‘what if the G.W. Bridge is closed?’ in reference to the game, you kind of get annoyed. If you were to travel to the stadium from Manhattan, you would either use The Holland or Lincoln Tunnels. That’s IF you would even drive, which a fair amount of New Yorkers do not. 

In reference to the halftime show, Metlife Stadium sits not far from where the old Giant Stadium stood, in the Meadowlands, which is home to the IZOD Center and The Meadowlands Track. As an outsider, far from Commissioner Goodell’s inner circle, would it be infeasible to have the halftime show at the IZOD Center and displayed on screens in the Stadium during the game? By doing this, you’d be able to:

  1. reduce ticket costs for the Super Bowl;
  2. sell a separate ticket for the IZOD Center’s concert, for those only going to see the show;
  3. have an actual concert, minus lip syncing, by having it indoors at a venue used to hosting concerts and playing it on a delay to the stadium and broadcast to ‘edit’ anything that could happen. 

I’m not claiming to be the only one who’s thought of this, but I may be the only person who’s actually been to the Meadowlands talking about it. 

Sitting next to the Stadium is an eyesore known as Xanadu; an incomplete structure that’s been all but abandoned, financially, in the past decade since it’s been erected. How about the NFL Brass, throw some money into it and use it as a base of operations for Networks and the Game since it sits no more than a thousand feet from the entrance to Metlife? They wouldn’t have to travel too far and worry about bridge and tunnel closings then, would they?

Another part of the article begged the question, ‘what if the teams can’t make it to the game?’ Well, there are probably no less than a dozen hotels, motels, suites, extended stay resorts, and homes within a five mile radius on this side of the Hudson. There’s no need to worry about tunnel, bridge, train, or ferry delays getting to the stadium. 

Here’s what gets me the most. The people in charge are acting like a game of football has never been played at the Meadowlands. How many times in the past 34 years, since the stadium was built, has there been a problem getting a game under way? 

Anyway, to wrap this up, it seems like people are making this more of a big deal than it actually is. I get it, you don’t want to spend $1,000 dollars to sit in the cold and watch a football game. Tell that to the people who do it every year in Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and right here in New (Jersey) York. Tell that to the real football fans out there.