Judy—a PSU grad, lawyer, and mother of two young children—emailed yesterday asking if I would post her proposal on my website.  She said “it is just and sensible, unlike than those damnable sanctions imposed by the president of the NCAA. 

“As you well know, Mark Emmert has arrogated the authority of both judge and jury.  Essentially, he has proclaimed himself the Emperor of the World of College Sports.  I would like to proclaim him Emperor of Hell because Hell it would be should he get away with his chicanery.

“What’s is so sinister thus so vexing is that this tyrant’s act, patently unlawfully, has gone unchecked by the university’s administration, by the Board of Trustees, by the District Attorney's Office, by the Attorney General’s Office, by the Governor’s Office, and by the state legislature.  What a contemptible lot!

I replied, “Why are you asking me rather than ESPN or some other established news outlet to publish your proposal?”

“Are you kidding?  The media . . . the controlled media?  They are incapable of saying ‘Boo’ without their puppeteers' plucking their vocal chords.   As for you, your recent blogs on this sordid affair I’ve read and know you wouldn’t balk at helping me.”

She sent me her proposal prefaced by this letter—
To Whom It May Concern:

My proposal suits the loathsome wrongs appropriately!   It would make every man and woman and every boy and girl in central Pennsylvania forever mindful of the sins perpetrated by the miscreants in positions of authority who failed us so miserably. 

Rather than sanctions, it calls for safeguards

These measures are not punitive but preventative.  They do not punish our guiltless players and us guiltless fans.  Moreover, they would engender a salutary effect on our team and on our community.  The morale of every Penn State fan would be uplifted, for the measures would at once enable us to flaunt our resolve to protect aspiring young athletes and to express our scorn of sexual predators. 

Most significant, all of us who embody Penn State would not be subjected to further embarrassment and ridicule.  That is, with this proviso: that we not fail to oversee and prevent those in authority from failing again. 
We must remain forever vigilant. 

The sins, the wrongs, the crimes—call them by whichever name you wish, but they must not be forgotten—not in four or five years, not in four or five decades—not ever.

The stench of these wicked acts has reached the vault of heaven!
These are the safeguards Judy proposes:
  1. Penn State (i.e. all of her athletic teams) will change names, from the Nittany Lions to one of the following:  the Avenging Angels, the Guardian Angels, the Guardians, or some other name that casts light on our aforementioned objectives.
  2. Throughout campus, all statues of the surreal feline shall be replaced with likenesses of various avenging angels.
  3. Football uniforms shall be black and white, signifying a moral code intolerant of the slightest breach of conduct.   
  4. Beaver Stadium, which signifies a want of morality, will be renamed Seraphim Stadium (or some similar moniker).
  5. A likeness of St. Michael's slaying the devil shall fill the void where the late coach’s statue had been standing ‘til recently.
  6. Smaller statues of cherubim will be placed atop the stadium and on the grounds all about it, and murals of avenging angels will adorn its several walls.
After reading her letter and proposal, I emailed her back and asked her to comment on the Emmert's sanctions.  

She did—

"Emmert's perverted logic is as perverted as the many wicked sex acts committed.

“All of the sanctions must be rescinded.  Not a one of them is justified.  Jerry Sandusky's criminality in no way helped Penn State gain an advantage over any of our opponents.  In other words, Emmert's rationale for the sanctions is absolutely absurd!”

She specified —
  • The number of scholarships shall remainat 25.
  • The team shall notbe precluded from any bowl games or punished in any other way whatsoever.
  • Players who have transferred to other schools will be required to returnto Penn State or lose their eligibility.
  • Our teams' victories over 14 seasons, 1998-2011, shall not be vacated.  Why should they?  Why should Paterno be singled out and his legacy so badly tarnished when so many people above him with vested authority—school administrators, district attorneys, state attorneys, and governors—doubtlessly knew what was going on but did nothing to stop the crimes?  Moreover, none of these accessories-to or -after the fact was directly involved with football!  See http://www.crimecasefiles.com/forum/crime-files/31219-pennsylvania-governor-ed-rendell-involved-in-a-pedophile-sex-scandal-political-cover-up.html.
  • The Board of Trustees will pay the $60-million fine out of their personal coffers.  Of course, taxes and tuition should not increase to pay for the Board’s negligence, if not their criminality.  All the current Board members should be forced out of office post haste and be replaced by new ones who would serve short terms and be free of political pressure emanating from the Governor's Office.
“What about the $60 million, where should it go?” I wrote her back.

Judy replied, “To pay down the many law suits of the victims.  If there be any money left over, it had better not go to any organization connected to the Second Mile Charity.  Nevertheless, this is exactly what reprobates in authority plan to do."  See  http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/breaking-news/index.ssf/2012/06/the_future_of_jerry_sanduskys.html.

I wrote her back again, "According to what you have stated, there is no one in authority to whom to present your case!  So . . . then . . . what is our recourse?"

"It is obvious, but I dare not say.  My counsel would only insult the intelligence of the many god-fearing people in central Pennsylvania who now have possession of the ball.  With a prayer they could win, but their backs are to the goal line with scarcely a minute left to play."

"Do you think they might win?" I asked.

"No!" she said, "I fear they have lost their faith! 

"Oh, how I pray I be wrong!"