Ford Field in Detroit Michigan host's one college bowl game each year and that's the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. The Detroit Lions are looking to create a new bowl to host at Ford Field that would boost attendance for a bowl game. The game would involve a Big Ten and ACC school, but this match-up might not happen every single year, sources told ESPN. Ford Field Pizza Bowl

Now there are no final plans of this idea and if it's really going to happen. It is likely they will choose to create a new bowl in Detroit. The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl contract expires this year with Ford Field after the game on December 26th of 2013.

The MAC conference has a team go play in this bowl every year, and it's one of the main bowls MAC schools look forward to. Ford Field is close to home for almost every MAC team and they are able to bring a fan-base to this game. The Pizza Bowl usually has a decent attendance but they notice the attendance increases drastically if there is a Big Ten school playing in the bowl. 

The MAC is frustrated that the game won't be held in an indoor stadium in the middle of winter, but instead likely moved across the street to Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers. Football games have been played in baseball stadiums before like the Pinstripe Bowl held at Yankee Stadium. Other options of a new place to hold the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl would be in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, or Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. 

The new bowl at Ford Field is still in the works and would need a sponsor to help host the bowl and give the bowl a name. In Detroit the Pontiac Silverdome held the Motor City Bowl from starting in 1997 which later moved to Ford Field in 2002, then later renamed the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.