The axe has fallen.

The Victim: Aaron Berry.

The Detroit Lions cut Aaron Berry from the team on Monday morning after he had been arrested for the second time in one month. He hadn't even really done anything. There was no actual fight.

Aaron Berry just threatened someone...

with a gun...


The Detroit Lions as a team are suffering through an off-season of being maligned by the league and by the media. The overall feeling is the Lions coaching staff has lost control. A mad collection of crazies is running loose in the asylum and the Lions' front office can't do a thing about it.

So people in the media will now point to this move and declare that the Lions front office is now making moves to ensure that actions like this will not be tolerated. While this has an element of truth to it, some interesting reports shed a different light on this.

It is now being reported that several teammates were consulted before this move.

The message here is clear. The players are starting to get mad. They have worked as hard to change the image of this team as the coaching staff has. And repeatedly this off season, they have had to sit and listen to warning after warning. After those warnings, they watch arrest after arrest. The players have decided they're sick of it.

No extensive investigation.

No excuses.

The veteran players within the Lions organization turned, picked up the axe, and handed it to the executioners.

People are looking at what the team accomplished last year and smiling, patting them on the head. The collective voice is saying, "Last season was cute, but you're still a spoiled little brat that has no control." 

The Detroit Lions are a professional football team. They take pride in their work. They take pride in their image. And they are sitting, watching what is happening to that image, while rage silently boils. Aaron Berry's professional execution as a member of the Detroit Lions is a message from the team not the front office.

Detroit Lions rookies are all receiving dead fish wrapped in newspaper this morning. The message is clear. "We don't need you. We would like to have you. We can use you. But we don't need you. And we're not at all shy about adding to the body count."

Like all good mob stories, I imagine there will be very little said in the press...

But the axe will be there throughout the season. And, if need be, the players will reach for it again.