(Ed. Note: Cold, Hard Football Facts sud stud Lew Bryson is one of the nation's top beer experts and, for our money, the most entertaining beer writer out there. He's also authored numerous beer guide books that you can see on his web site, www.lewbryson.com. Again this year, Lew offers up his beer guide to the three Super Bowl cities. You won't get a better tour guide to Suds City.)
By Cold, Hard Football Facts sud stud Lew Bryson
Once again, we do you right with a Super Bowl Beer Guide. Watching the Super Bowl and drinking beer – we figure you can do that on your own (yes, even you there with the friggin' donut crumbs on your shirt).
But if you plan on actually being in one of the three cities involved – Chicago, Indianapolis, or Miami – it would be nice to have the relevant drinking information. I'm happy to serve as your guide here, kind of sharing my experience to make your experience bigger, better, beerier.
Let's get the bad news out of the way first: There ain't much, beer-wise anyway, in Miami or Indianapolis. Chicago, however, is filled with tons of sudsy drinking spots. 
Whatever the case, I've consumed a lot of beer in all these towns and found all the best spots for you – no matter where you're watching the game. If you have any we missed, shoot us a line.
CHICAGO – A world-class beer city. Watch the Super Bowl here if you can!
INDIANAPOLIS – Not bad, but it's no Chicago.
MIAMI – Hey, at least they have hot broads to make up for the lack of good brew.