Les Miles Every year, an SEC team has that one common opponent from the other division in the conference. 

The SEC calls it the 6-1-1 format, but Les Miles has a problem with playing that same opponent every season -- the Florida Gators.

Since Miles started coaching the Tigers in 2005, the series record is 4-4 between the Gators and Tigers. 

He would rather play the Vanderbilt Commodores or the Kentucky Wildcats, but those teams, in certain years, had enough talent to upset teams such as Georgia.

Here's how the format shapes up every year with the following crossover conference matchups:

Georgia vs. Auburn

Alabama vs. Tennessee

Florida vs. LSU

Arkansas vs. South Carolina

Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt

Mississippi State vs. Kentucky

Missouri vs. Texas A&M

After looking at these matchups over the years, other programs could've argued this very same point.

Ten years ago, Alabama was not the Tide of today. Tennessee is not the program they were 15 years ago. The Vols haven't argued this point because of the recent domination by Alabama. Alabama fans didn't cry when Peyton Manning burned the Crimson Tide.

The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, Auburn-Georgia, is tied in a deadlock with a 54-54-8 overall record. When Bo Jackson ran over the Dawgs, Georgia fans had zero complaints. In recent years, the Auburn program has just as much to complain about as Miles. The Georgia Bulldogs have won eight out of the last 11 matchups against Auburn.

Steve Spurrier, "Mr.Crybaby", hasn't said anything about their problems against the Arkansass Razorbacks. The Razorbacks, with talent such as Ryan Mallett, Darren McFadden, and Tyler Wilson, have won five out of the last seven games against the Gamecocks.

Miles picked the year when LSU has both Florida and Georgia on their schedule to argue this point.

Sweetheart's Stuff  

Using my psychology skills, I'll explain why Les is so angry. His inner agression has very little to do with his team's performance and/or which teams they play against. This is an anger that has built up over time, perhaps since early childhood.

You see, his full name is Leslie Edwin Miles. Understanding one has little control over the name that's forever on that birth certificate, Leslie did his best to cover up the evidence and precede a normal life when he changed his name to "Les". When that failed, he used a nickname, likely given by his therapist, "The Mad Hatter."

The only time Less Miles is better, is when referring to that odometer.