In the matchup between the Kansas City Chand iefs and the Miami Dolphins, the biggest news boils down to Miami gaining their first win of the season. The victory ends with a 31-3 advantage over the Chiefs. The game was played at Arrowhead stadium and marks the location where the Dolphins seperate themselves from the Colts and leave them as the lone remaining winless team

The Cheifs lost all hope at the end of the first half when a promising drive was cut short by an expiring clock. A touchdown would have cut the Dolphin's lead in half and gave KC a little momentum. Unfortunately Kansas City came away with nothing and had to give the ball back to Miami when they came out of the lockers. Miami would go on to score on their next two drives effectively putting the game out of reach.

True enough Matt Cassel did throw for 253 yards without turning it over, Steve Breaston did catch seven balls for 115 yards and despite having only 30 something yards in the first half, Dwayne Bowe did finish the game with 88 recieving yards. With all that said they did loose the game. A main contributor to the success of the Dolphins was a person I have been hard on throughout the years. A young man by the name of Reggie Bush. Reggie ran the ball just 13 times, but recorded 92 yards rushing including a 28 yarder that got him in the endzone. He also caught three passes for 50 yards, a part of his game always thought to be his strength.

The inability to sustain and finish off drives really did a number on the Chiefs. Kansas City punted the ball five times and turned it over on downs four. The only points came by field goal on the openening drive. KC ran 78 plays and had the ball over 34 minutes compared to Miami's 47 plays and 26 minutes of T.O.P. The KC defense only had one tackle for lost, no sacks and only got close to Matt Moore twice.Defense wins championships, but a lack there of will not win you a game.

Obviously for Miami they should take five minutes to celebrate this win. They beat a team who had previously won four in a row and did so convincingly. When that five minutes is over they need to go directly to the gym, practice facility and film room because this was their first win in eight tries this year. Even though they no longer share a record with the Colts, they still find themselves in similar territory. "What can we do to save some pride?" is the question on their minds. Winning out probably would not get them in the playoffs, but its too soon to think about the offseason.

They need to play hard and figure out what they are not doing right so they do it again next year.

The Chiefs would really like to get this one back. They lose at home to a team who previously hadn't beaten anyone. They snap their four game winning streak and fall out of a three way tie atop their division. They play the Broncos next week, but after this performance who knows what will happen. They aent in bad shape though. They are just a half game back in the AFC West division title race. With the problems that their opponents are having consistancy could be the key to making the playoffs. With tandems at wideout in Steve Breaston and Dwayne Bowe and at running back with Jackie Battle and Dexter McCluster they have the weapons to get it done.