Think of our Real and Spectacular picks at CHFF Insider as the Polar Express of Pigskin: powering inevitably through the wintry, late-season NFL schedule with inevitable rewards for everyone onboard.

Our express picks rolled into the postseason and into the 2014 calendar year with another profitable winning week at 3-1 against the spread.  

After a rare dismal start to the 2013 season, we’ve suffered just one schedule of ATS losers over the last eight weeks of Real and Spectacular Picks.

We capped this performance with our three best weeks of the season ATS since Week 16 of the regular season. The late-season results here in 2013 and over the long haul are superb:

  • 11-5 (.688) ATS in Week 16
  • 12-4 (.750) ATS in Week 17
  • 3-1 (.750) ATS in Wildcard Week
  • 63-45-5 (.583) ATS since Week 11
  • 26-10 (.722) ATS since Week 16

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We’ve known for some time that our Quality Stats grow more valid as we get later in the season. And we now have five seasons of proof.

The late-season surge here in 2013 is part of a long-term trend of big-money-making late-year success dating back to 2009, when we began picking every game, every week, both straight up and ATS.

Our Real and Spectacular picks are:

  • 102-57-1 (.642) ATS in Weeks 16 and 17 (2009-present)
  • 134-73-1 (.647) ATS Week 16 through Super Bowl (2009-present)
  • 32-16 (.667) ATS in the postseason (2009-12)
  • 65-30-1 (.684) ATS in Weeks 16 and 17 (2011-present)
  • 83-38-1 (.686) ATS Week 16 through Super Bowl (2011-present)
  • 18-8 (.692) ATS in the last two postseasons (2011-12)

The CHFF Trifecta, meanwhile, produced a polish 4-1 performance in wildcard week, nailing three over-unders and its Chiefs-Colts pick; while the mighty King of Props went still a scorching 46-25-1 (.648) in 2013, and over the second half of the year produced an electrifying record of 26-11 (.703), since Week 9.

You can see our performance every week from 2009 to 2012 documented here; and every week’s performance here in 2013 documented below.

You can look up every individual pick from 2010 through 2013 by clicking the "All Stats" button on the NAV bar here at CHFF Insider. You can also find there our week-by-week Quality Stats if you wanted to see where, say, Denver's Passer Rating Differential stood in Week 14 2011. Our individual picks in 2009 can be found with a little digging in our main homesite archive