Lance Briggs has been a force to be reckoned with ever since he arrived in Chicago back in 2003. Once paired with former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, the two would combined to be one of the best sets of linebackers in the National Football League.

Over the previous couple of seasons Urlacher has had to deal with numerous nagging injuries. Some of which have caused him to miss games. In his absence, Briggs stepped up as the leader of the defense.   And now with Urlacher no longer in the picture, Briggs will now be the defensive captain for the Chicago Bears.

What this means is that the 32-year-old Arizona alumnis will now call the defensive huddles. He will also bear the responsibility of keeping the other 10 defensive players by his side focused on the task at hand.

The younger players will also look to him for guidance and leadership. The Bears coaching staff will also place a lot of expectations on him as well. While it may seem like a challenge, I believe that Briggs is prepared to handle these responsibilities.

For starters he is the most experienced linebacker on the current roster. He has also learned from guys like Brian Urlacher, Lovie Smith, and Rod Marinelli. Say what you want about those three men. But Urlacher is still one of the best linebackers ever to grace an NFL field.

Even though Smith and Marinelli got their walking papers earlier this year, they are still some of the best defensive minds in football. On top of that, Briggs is a solid athlete for someone who weighs 245 pounds.

He may be getting up there in age but he can still run the field with the best of them. He still has the speed and agility that made him a star in this league. He also also read offenses, and he knows what it takes to go up against the likes of Green Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota.

While Briggs will be tested more than he ever has been in his career, I believe that he is ready for the challenge that lies ahead.