Former All-Big 12 receiver and New Orleans Saints fifth round draft pick, Kenny Stills certainly made his name known during his three year stint at the University of Oklahoma.  During his time there, the Sooner caught 204 passes, racking up almost 2,600 yards and averaging 12.8 yards per catch.  Not to mention, 24 of those snags went into the end zone for a score.  However, he has been know to drop the ball on occasion, but so do all receivers, even the elite.  After all, nobody is perfect.  That's what practice is for.

With the Saints possessing that brilliant, high powered offense controlled by Sean Payton and Drew Brees, anybody is capable of making an impact.  Drew Brees is known for being a distributor.  He doesn't have two or three targets to throw at each game like many quarterbacks  in the NFL.  The man has seven or eight different beneficiaries each game and that's just on average.

With that being said, Kenny Stills may have a better opportunity to show what he's capable of accomplishing with a team like the Saints than with anyone else in the league.  He sure did put on a great display of his talents in college. 

Going for a receiver late in the draft was the right move.  Defense was obviously the team's first obligation, but let's not go there.  We are blessed with one of the better receiving cores in the nation, but we can always use another hand.

I am in no way saying Kenny Stills is elite or is ever going to be elite, but I do believe he carries the skills to be a successful player in the National Football League. Look at Colston.  I am surprised Stills lasted that long in the NFL Draft and for New Orleans to be able to acquire him in the fifth round, I do believe the former Bob Stoops recruit was a definite steal in this year's selection.  Hence the name, Kenny Steals.  Look for the man to make a commodious impact.  After watching that preseason opener against Kansas City, you can tell the Saints were targeting Stills considerably.