Sometimes you just got to wonder.

Tennessee Titans' Kenny Britt not only can't stay out of trouble, he seems to want to be known for it. Britt shared an image of his latest fine with the world via social media .

We at Football Nation know professional athletes are people, and people have problems, make mistakes, do dumb things. Yet we accept that NFLPA members are held to standards of conduct enforced by fines because they benefit from an important shared cultural institution, professional football. Our heroes are football players. We communicate cultural values through the media surrounding the nfl (see

The question is, how much more can the NFL and the Titans take before Britt is no longer on the roster?

The stunt of sharing the fine statement shows a disturbing mind set by Britt; he's not just making mistakes, he's reveling in the notoriety they cause when he is punished for them. His mind is not right.

Here up north, figuratively in the mythical shadow of Lambeau Field, the Packers training camp proceeds a little more quietly. Nobody has tweeted any weird pix from the peaceful dormitories of St. Norbert College or bad mouthed a coach or shared the inner workings of receiving a fine in the nfl. And we like it that way.

Despite Erik Walden's recent fine from a domestic disorderly, the Packers have blessedly not been beset by personal conduct issues too much during the era of head coach Mike McCarthy. Count those blessings because that kind of thing ebbs and flows. There was a bad time around when the locals joked the Green Bay Reformatory was conveniently located near Packers training camp.

And I remember how when those things came up during a sportscast my dad would always shake his head and say the same thing: "That guy could take a lesson from Bart Starr, he had discipline, he knew how to say, 'yes sir' and 'no sir'".

That's high a standard, often not met, but from here we like to think a Green Bay Packer set the standard. If players could live by don't do anything Bart Starr wouldn't do, there would be no fines. However, the likelihood of that happening is nil.

Still, there are players to look up to on every team Football Nation, as well as those who act like chumps and get more publicity.

Who on YOUR team, fans from all over, do you admire for their behavior off the field and who makes you wish they were traded? Please COMMENT.