Lawrence Kendial Lawrence, Missouri, Running Back

2011 Stats: 119 carries for 566 yards and five touchdowns, 14 catches for 77 yards

2012 Stats: 200 carries for 1,025 yards and 12 touchdowns, 18 catches for 114 yards


Lawrence has shown to be a good running back at Mizzou and can run and catch the ball.

Of course with senior Henry Josey being out two years in a row that has given Lawrence the time to show he can be an every-down back and produce every Saturday. 

He may only be 5'9", 195 pounds, but he can sure be a great back in the NFL for any team. Of course with Mizzou not doing so well this season, record-wise, the team didn't get the attention too much this season. So I only see him going in the 3rd round at the highest, but I do see an NFL team for him in the Draft. 


There are some things that I see that could turn some teams around, and that being he is small, but I don't think that will stop him from making an NFL team. Lastly, there is some inexperience with him playing at Mizzou. When he does get the shot he take it and runs with it. I still think he can be a great running back in the NFL and I hope someone will see that.

Draft Prediction 

Like I said earlier, he could be at best a 3rd round pick, but if the team is there, a 2nd round selection could be a chance. I do see him getting a shot at a team though. Good Luck Kendial!