In the 2012 season, the battle for the best rookie was fought out between three stellar quarterbacks who hit the NFL at the same time. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III all entered the league at the same time and impressed fans and players alike with the poise and talent that they immediately brought to life in the NFL.

The first year in the NFL after coming out of the college ranks is always a challenge; some players adjust quickly but others need time to get used to the demands and rigours of professional football.

So who has emerged from the class of the 2013 draft to take over the crown of Rookie of the Year’ that was awarded last year by the voting fans to the Seahawks’ Wilson. Keenan Allen of the Chargers has emerged as one of the front runners thanks to a series of strong performances in San   Diego.

Many others contenders have stated their claim over their first NFL season, on both sides of the ball. Some have shone brightly throughout the year, others have had sensational bursts of form and struggled in other games while they make adjustments to life in the NFL.

Who else has impressed in their first season in the NFL that could challenge Allen for the overall crown? Take  a look at the contenders and pretenders to the crown and feel free to add comments with your own thoughts. Are there any glaring omissions or worthy contenders that have been overlooked?

In the best reality show traditions, in no particular order, here are your contenders....