Although the rankings told us that this game would be close, recent history would have suggested that No. 6 Oklahoma would win this match up and that the Sooners would win big. 

Oklahoma dominated the last five meetings, averaging wins of 22 points per game, including the 58-17 massacre in Manhattan, KS last year.  But this is a different Wildcats team ...and a different Sooners team too.

Looking to make an example out of Oklahoma, No. 15 Kansas St. marched into Norman and pushed around the Sooners in route to a 24-19 defeat and sent a strong warning to the rest of the Big 12 that put every one else on notice.

The Good:  Kansas St. Defense

From the beginning, the Wildcats defense was on point, playing a huge role in the victory.  They held the Sooners offense to two field goals in the first half.  They also forced and recovered two fumbles, the first which was returned for a touchdown. 

The second fumble was just as big of a
play as it prevented a threatening Sooners offense from scoring after it was knocking at the door inside the Kansas St 10-yard line.  The defense also contributed to the upset by intercepting Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones when he had the Sooners offense in a rhythm, driving down the field.  Oklahoma's rushing game was also non-existent as the Wildcats held them to only 88 yards for the game.

The Bad:  Landry Jones

For the most part, Jones play was sub-par.  His numbers may argue against that assessment but they don't tell the whole story.  Jones went 28 of 48 for 298 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.  Not bad for any quarterback.  However, Jones played inconsistently and made costly errors.  As the driving force of the offense, Jones struggled to move the chains and keep drives alive. Despite having his receivers average over 10 yards per catch, Jones had a difficult time in converting on third downs, turning only 4 of 10.  For the cherry on top, Jones is listed as rushing for a -20 yards for the game!

The Ugly:  Bob Stoops

Did the Oklahoma coach drink too much of his own kool-aid?  It seems like Stoops and his coaching staff may have underestimated the Wildcats' ability to hang tough and rise to the challenge.  Having an off-week last week, Stoops had 2 weeks to prepare a solid game plan against the Wildcats but still had the Sooners looking unprepared and over matched throughout the game.  Coming into the game, Stoops was 14-0 at home versus ranked opponents.