Alex SmithI was able to attend Thursday night’s Eagles vs. Chiefs game with no rooting interest. It was an interesting night as it marked the return of head coach Andy Reid to Philadelphia.

It was also the night the Eagles retired Donovan McNabb’s number.

Both received a warm welcome. By the end of the game, many Eagles fans realized just how good they had it with Reid and McNabb and probably would have done anything to have them back on the sidelines for just one more night.  

5. The Chiefs need to be taken seriously.

I said this last week and I mean it more this week. Any team that wins three straight games in the NFL should garner attention. Last night, on national TV, they proved to the world that they are a legitimate football team. They dominated the Eagles in special teams, defense and offense. They played a near flawless game. The Chiefs have yet to turn the ball over. They are playing with confidence.

4. The Eagles' offense under Chip Kelley will take time to flourish.

Note to Chip Kelley: This is the NFL. After you score the game's first TD, kick the extra point. Going for two and not converting will cost you a game (or two) down the road.

The speed of the new Eagles' offense isn’t anything new to the NFL. Look back to when Peyton Manning played for the Colts. They ran the same up-tempo offense the Eagles do today. Like with any new system in the NFL, the Chip Kelley offense is going to take time to work.

3. The Eagles' offense (not counting the turnovers) is not the problem.

Chiefs WR Donnie Avery embarrassed the Eagles' defense. The Chiefs ran three total passing plays: running back out of the backfield play to the left, running back out of the backfield right and a WR shallow cross route over the middle which worked every time.

On each play the Chiefs gained chunks of yardage. The frustrated Eagles were unable to stop it and the defense could (or would not) adjust.

2. Alex Smith, under Andy Reid, will become more than a “game manager”.

While Alex Smith hasn’t set the world on fire with his statistics the last three weeks he hasn’t done anything to help the opponent win. As time goes on he will improve vastly. Simply put, Andy Reid possessed coaching knowledge and the knowledge of the position of the game that Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have being a young coach.

Harbaugh played quarterback in the NFL for many years but the ability to help a quarterback mature and grow into the position takes years of experience which, even then, some coaches cannot do. Some quarterbacks come into the league ready to play. Some do not. Smith is one that was not ready to play but he has proven over the past few years that he is now ready.

1. It’s still early.

There are 13 games left to play for both teams. A lot can happen in 13 games. The Eagles have as good a chance of winning the NFC East as the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys. All three teams have been less than impressive so far this year.

The Chiefs can collapse. The season is young and the Chiefs are off to a great start. I don’t see them faltering any time soon. Can they challenge the Denver Broncos for the division title? Probably not, but a playoff spot is not out of the question.