Spiller“Lifeless” would be the best word to describe the Kansas City Chiefs in Buffalo today.

Sure C.J. Spiller is a fine running back, and has some elusiveness but the Chiefs made him look better than he is today. 

In Pittsburgh former Chiefs head coach, Todd Haley, had to enjoy keeping an eye on this game.

While the Steelers prepared to face the Jets today, I am sure hot head Todd, had a huge smile on his face.

 The Chiefs could have used some Haley fire today, because they looked comatose.

Spiller and the Bills sliced and diced the high-draft-pick defensive line of the Chiefs.

Meanwhile on defense, Mario Williams and the expensive Bills' defensive line disrupted the Chiefs' offense, causing multiple turnovers.

Head coach Chan Gailey called his offense perfectly even though Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t in rhythm until later in the second half.

If you want to pick a hero in this game it has to go to Spiller. The guy ran with some passion. He also saw the holes his offensive line opened and he ran through them with vigor.

Runner up for hero in the game would be Williams. He was complaining about being held in New York the week before, and underachieved. Today he was ready to play for the hometown Buffalo fans.

Spiller ran 15 times for 123 yards and two touchdowns. Williams didn’t have a big stat line, but the Chiefs were double and triple teaming and that allowed quarterback Matt Cassel to get sacked five times by other players.

The zero of the game would go to several players for Kansas City.  

Running back Peyton Hillis fumbled on the goal line. The fumble removed any spark that the offense may have had. The fumble killed the momentum of getting the game tied. It also sent fans out to mow the yard.

Cassel enjoys holding the football like a loaf of bread in one hand while he is getting sacked. This way he can fumble it away quickly. No need to protect the rock.

Cassel’s down-field accuracy is one of the worst in the league. Not a new revelation, but he continues to make sure and let everyone know he still holds the title.

Many wish the team had kept Kyle Orton and sent Cassel packing. However that’s not how it works in Kansas City. Fans get told who the quarterback is; ownership stands by them regardless of how lousy they are.

Every four years, like an elected official, Chiefs fans get told what new free agent is going quarterback them to the Super Bowl. And the trend starts over again.

But the biggest zero has to be the Chiefs' defense. Head Coach Romeo Crennel had these guys playing for him at the end of last year. They played hard. They beat the undefeated Packers. They shut down Tim Tebow mania in Denver to end the season with a victory.

So far in 2012, regardless of injuries, they look soft.

No moxie, No stopping power, No want to. Zero effort.