What is the secret behind this surprise success? Well, here are three main points why the Chiefs have become non-contenders to contenders.

They Make Small Plays into Big Plays- It seems like every game this year the special teams have made game altering plays.  This past weekend against the Titans they had a massive play that got them self’s a touchdown.  We all know that you cannot count on the special teams to score on every occasion, but with the success they have already throughout the season you may see big plays from them in the future.

The Chiefs have a Top Five Defense-  The Chiefs had their worst defense performance in week 5, but they had some big take always late in the game to hold on the win.  The Chiefs are averaging 11.6 points a game just off defense.  Andy Reid is putting the right players out in the field and he found a guy who can contribute to the beating in Quintin Demps. He made a big interception late and if he keeps this up you could see another Chiefs jersey in the Pro Bowl this year. 

Clock Management- The Chiefs have owned the 4th quarter and have won most of the games in the 4th because of great clock management. 

Trailing 17-13 entering the final quarter in Week 5 against Tennessee, KC doubled their point total in the fourth quarter alone and the Chiefs eat the Titans, 26-17.

In Week 2, they held out the Cowboys with keeping the ball in the Chiefs hands for most of the whole 4th quarter.

In, Week 3, it was another eight minute drive that shut down the Eagles and broke down all come back hopes.

In Week 4, they blasted the Giants with 14 points in the 4th to get the big win.


Lastly, who should take credit of this fast success?  I say Andy Ried and the front office. They added potential pro bowlers to the roster and turned the defense into an elite D and turned a low scoring offense to an offense that scores 25.6 points a game.  I said this from the start of the off-season and they have shown they have big expectations for this team to go far.

90% of 5-0 teams make the playoffs. 37% of those make the playoffs. The Chiefs are looking good and haven’t looked this good in years.