Jamaal CharlesI’m very impressed what I see so far from the newly resurgent Kansas City Chiefs. With an excellent coach, Andy Reid, leading the charge, there isn’t anything they can’t do this season. I knew this season was going to be much different.

First off they traded for quarterback Alex Smith in the season and then they hired Andy Reid as their head coach.

Everyone knows that follows sports in that you need a good quarterback and coach to win in this league.

There are some critics that won’t say or admit that Alex Smith is good but I’m here to tell you that he is.

Smith has shown that he can win games for you. I understand there are many that are still remembering his early days in San Francisco. But players change sometimes for the better or worse and Smith got better.

Being a game manager has led to scrutiny around the NFL but I’d rather have a game manager than some gun-slinging interception prone quarterback. In all the Kansas City Chiefs are going in the right direction to reaching their goal for this season and that’s a playoff berth and just maybe a Super Bowl run.

Who would have ever thought that the Kansas City Chiefs would be the team that surprises everyone in the NFL? They were once a team that we didn’t pay attention to and now they’re the toast of the town. Some thought that Matt Cassel was going to save this franchise but with limited options on offense and a devastating concussion, we just knew his days were numbered in Kansas City.

This is a story of a team that has been the doormat of the league with many losing seasons in the past decade. But with the right moves and team togetherness you just never know what a team can be. Now with an undefeated record of 3-0 they will host the lowly confident New York Giants on Sunday. The Chiefs are favorites to win this game but I see a good matchup and a lot of emotions flying. Stay tuned!