PioliPressure is building for Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli.

For the second year in a row the Chiefs get spanked in there home opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

Sure the defense had injuries and suspensions. Granted having linebacker Tamba Hali and cornerback Brandon Flowers would have helped.

Sure quarterback Matt Cassel played well for one half of football.

But by the end of the game the Falcons had put up 41 points. In last year’s opener the Bills put up 41 points.

Sure the seats were empty by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Kansas City fans are beginning to reach a boiling point.

This isn’t New York or Philly, the fans have patience.

However after dealing with a lousy MLB team all summer,  by September the Chiefs always become the beacon of hope.

Criticisms have been pointed at the fact the Chiefs are $28 million under the salary cap. Fans have recently attacked Clark Hunt’s wallet and his inability to open it on Twitter.

Surprisingly the Chiefs' organization fired back, calling the fans clueless. This in turn led to an apology to the fan base.

Defending their business practices online, does at least show that the Chiefs care about being successful. Fans should not take that for granted. Hunt wants to win, even if his plan for success is a methodical building process through young player development.

This is where Pioli is failing him. With the exception of Eric Berry, the best players on this team came from the 2007/2008 drafts that involved former head coach Herman Edwards and former general manager Carl Peterson. Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, and Branden Albert all were Edwards’s picks.

Pioli 2011 first round pick, Jonathan Baldwin, has yet to show anything as a wide receiver. Defensive tackle first rounder Tyson Jackson has two career sacks. Pioli also passed on tight end Jimmy Graham for often injured Tony Moeaki in the 2010 Draft.

Also concerning is Pioli’s decision to have coach Romeo Crennel call his own plays. Former head coach Todd Haley was unable to juggle the head coach and offensive coordinator positions.

The Chiefs went 10-6 in 2010, due to Charlie Weis running the offense. Weis left after one year. Previously Crennel had Todd Grantham call the defense for him in Cleveland.

Some coaches do not multitask well and, Pioli doesn’t seem to learn from his past success and failure when dealing with head coaches. They all can’t be Bill Belichick.

Pioli and Haley were like a daytime soap opera. Pioli tapped Haley’s phone, Haley poured motor oil on his hat and grew a hobo beard to show disrespect. It was embarrassing.

The Chiefs are staring down the barrel of going 0-3. This weekend’s game at Buffalo is a huge AFC matchup. They face coach Chan Gailey who used to call plays in Kansas City for Edwards. He knows how to beat the Chiefs and did it last year.

In Week 3 they go to New Orleans to face the Saints, and without a healthy secondary, Drew Brees could have a career day, coach or no coach.

Hunt is much like his father Lamar and very loyal. He and Pioli are good friends and Pioli knows he has time. But this is a win now league. And more than anything Kansas City fans want to win…now.