Norv Turner Norv, Norv, Norv. Your head coaching tenure in San Diego is reaching its end.

Romeo! Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Oh, coaching the desolate mess that is the Kansas City Chiefs. 

It's not looking very pretty for fans of the Chargers and Chiefs.

Kansas City has but one weapon on offense, running back Jamaal Charles. He leads the No. 1 rushing offense in the AFC.

Unfortunately for Kansas City, the Chargers have the No. 2 ranked run defense in the entire National Football League. Additionally, San Diego touts the usually elite quarterback, Philip Rivers. When Rivers finds his groove, points come in bunches.

The Chiefs, with a stymied run game, will have no other choice but to put the ball in the air. Therein lies the rub. Neither of Kansas City's quarterbacks are franchise level players. Both, in fact, are barely good enough to be backups in the league.

What choice do the Chiefs have then?

Depending on their final record this year, somewhere between first and ninth overall in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Here Is What Is Going To Happen:

1) This Will Be A Low Scoring Game

The Chiefs will be the putting up points little by little, slowly but surely. DESPITE all the points they've given up in previous games this year, (for example: 40, 35, 24, 37, 38 and 26), they did play the Baltimore Ravens pretty tough, unfortunately for Kansas City, they lost by a score of 9-6.

When your defense has averaged this many points per game, it looks like trouble.

Especially since in their first meeting, the Chiefs lost 37-20 to San Diego. But mistakes can happen, and mistakes WILL happen because....

2) There Will Be A Near Record Setting Amount Of Turnovers (By Both Teams) 

The Chargers took away the ball six times in the last contest with the Chiefs. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has thrown nine picks thus far, four of which occurred against Denver two weeks ago.

Last week's rain-soaked 7-6 loss to Cleveland has probably but an enormous chip on Rivers' shoulder. When he plays angry, he makes mistakes. He also scores points. So this game will not be entirely decided by his quarterbacking.

No, in this contest....

3) The Better Coach Will Win This Game 

When you have a game like this one, pitting two fairly awful teams against one another, brains become a hot commodity.

No, it will not be a masterful chess match. The first coach who realizes that their passing game is hugely ineffective and hands the offense over, literally, to their running back, will win. There is really no need for aerial assaults in this game.

San Diego has Ryan Mathews and Jackie Battle, who together average 4.35 yards per carry. These two runners provide an effective one-two punch of hard-nosed power running, and flashy outside speed. Use them, Turner!

Kansas City has perhaps the most underrated and least talked about running back in Jamaal Charles. He has piled up 595 yards on 120 carries so far this year, averaging FIVE YARDS PER CARRY. What this means is, whoever is quarterbacking the Chiefs, be it Cassel (slated to start) or Quinn, THEY don't have to win the game.

They just have to "not lose".

Who wins?

Kansas City 22

San Diego    17