Romeo Crennel The Kansas City Chiefs are 1-5, have been blown out four times, turned the ball over 21 times, and have yet to lead for a single second this season.

If this isn’t rock bottom for the team, then I’m not sure what is.

After another disgusting loss back in Week 6 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - one of the worst teams in the league - there seems to be no hope for this inept team.

I am not sure they even qualify to be called a team. Maybe a group of dysfunctional men is a better term for it.

The defense is bad, the offense is worse, and the coach has no idea how to fix the problem, nonetheless what the problem actually is.

One thing is for certain: it is more than just the quarterback. After four weeks of terrible performance by Matt Cassel, a concussion in Week 5 gave Brady Quinn the chance to turn things around- something the fans have been vying for since the beginning of the season. He didn’t.

Clearly, this team has not found the right formula to make things click on both sides of the ball, and even if they do, it’s too late. The team has fallen too far into the pit of despair, with no way out in sight.

Let’s just hope that the bye week can help out tremendously. Refocus and an entirely new game plan are in need. Romeo Crennel needs to right the ship, before he gets jettisoned from it, and this week may be the only chance that he gets.

From poor defensive performances, bad decisions during games, and stuttering post game press conferences, this year has been a complete disaster for Crennel. Kansas City fans are finally starting to realize the reason for his 24-40 record as a head coach in Cleveland.

How can a man who does not understand how his team played so badly be considered a head coach? Week after week, fans hear the same thing from Crennel: eliminate bad football, fix the problems, and work hard the following week. Talk about a broken record.

The situation is more disappointing than anything. After Crennel took over with three games left in the season last year - he finished 2-1, and knocked off the undefeated Green Bay Packers - there were a lot of high expectations for this team in the offseason.

Another bad draft by GM Scott Pioli and poor performances in training camp would be a harbinger for the rest of the season. Fans then wondered how a fundamentally sound team that beat Arizona in Week 1 of the preseason turned into the train wreck that it is now.

Pioli should be considered the root of the problem as well. In a question and answer session with the Kansas City Star on Wednesday, Oct. 17, he once again proved to be the same old Pioli as always, both avoiding questions and giving the same answers repeatedly. If this is Clark Hunt’s idea of a good philosophy, he ought to fire himself, too.

With a mass of problems facing the Chiefs, it is hard to say which one must be fixed. If I had to pick, it needs to start with the GM, and work its way down from there. One thing is for sure: Clark Hunt has to make a decision, and he has to make it quick.