Alex Smith The path to becoming an NFL quarterback was rough for Alex Smith. It wasn’t set in stone from the beginning for him as much of his friends and family tried to lead him in different directions.

His father though he’d be great for distance running and his friends thought he’d become a professor. Alex was smart from the start but he was not the most athletic person.

Smith played for years with different coach after different coach, and when he finally got a coach who seemed to believe in him and helped him get better, he was betrayed.

Smith went down with an injury last year and was eventually replaced by his backup, Colin Kaepernick. Alex rode the bench as the 49ers rallied behind their new leader behind center.

Smith, now in Kansas City, has a great head coach once again. The quarterback guru, Andy Reid, will shape Smith into the great quarterback that he has the potential to be. Smith is an extremely smart quarterback, he manages the game well and he makes smart throws and calls. It’s his last chance to prove he deserves to be in the NFL after several years of being unsuccessful.

He’s determined this year to win the Super Bowl that was stolen from him by being benched and set aside to collect dust by the San Francisco 49ers. Smith hasn’t looked so very good up until the Steelers game. From here he has nowhere else to go but up. Alex looks to have one of his greatest seasons yet.

The biggest factor to Smith’s success is the Chiefs' extremely easy schedule and their weak division, excluding the Denver Broncos. Not many of the teams pose a threat to the Chiefs. As long as Reid and Smith play it smart they should have no problem getting into the playoffs.

The other factor that will help Smith play well is the Kansas City running game. The Chiefs were fourth in the league in rushing last season with 2,491 yards. It’s because of their star running back Jamaal Charles, so in other words Smith shouldn’t find himself in a situation where he’s throwing about 30 times in a game.

My prediction for this season, Alex will complete 398 of 553 attempts. He’ll throw for 3,436 yards, have 22 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. Smith will be back to his former 2011 self.