Geno Smith The Chiefs own the first pick in the NFL Draft and the consensus has them selecting Geno Smith to be their "franchise" quarterback.

Taking a quarterback at No. 1 carries a very high risk, and the potential to draft a buster while paying them a huge guaranteed amount of cash up front.

Is the safe play here drafting a potential bust, or should the Chiefs trade for their future "franchise" quarterback? 

A few names do come to mind as potential trade chips, but the biggest one circling around is Alex Smith. It's been widely rumored the 49ers will attempt, or should attempt, to move him for key pieces and/or picks. The Chiefs, with the top overall pick, do make an interesting dance partner in such a trade.

Alex Smith is a starter at this level, but didn't fit into the pistol package. He would be a great compliment to the Chiefs' new coaching regime. Teams like the Chiefs already know what they can expect from Alex Smith, unlike a young rookie from an air raid offense, think Texas Tech, that normally doesn't translate into a starter at this level, let alone the top pick overall. 

Here are some names that thrived and hit big numbers under this system that were late round picks or went undrafted: Kliff Kingsbury, Graham Harrell, Timmy Chang, Colt Brennan, and Bryant Moniz, to name a few good examples.

Geno Smith had his best seasons under this system, so it beacons the question -- why would he be any different than the other lot mentioned above that failed at this level? A team like the Chiefs should be considering this fact when using their top draft pick. Why bet the farm on a kid from a system that hasn't translated well at this level vs. trading for a solid quarterback like Alex Smith?

Now, I am not suggesting the Chiefs will give up the top pick for Alex Smith, but if they can arrange and make a deal while keeping their top two picks, the Chiefs would get off to a great start in the rebuilding process. 

The same cannot be said by selecting Geno Smith and only having a second round pick to further capitalize on. Alex Smith gives you a quarterback that's young and can step right in as a starter.  The Chiefs could then take any of the top defenders with the top pick and get a dynamic receiver with their second round pick.

So, there it is, Geno Smith or Alex Smith? Which direction will they go on draft day?