Andy Reid The Chiefs were in the process of rebuilding and the way to accomplish that is to build through the offseason.

I think the Chiefs have may have just done that.

They hired a new coach with Andy Reid, and also hired a great new GM with John Dorsey.

We all know that the Chiefs haven’t had a solid quarterback in a while and they took the shot to trade for QB Alex Smith. The fans believe that the Chiefs have done a well enough job to make a push into the playoffs, and if not that, at least a winning record.

"It's been a tremendous spring for the Chiefs," Hunt said.

"It's been great to see the guys make some progress every week, the practices were very fast-paced; there's a great energy about the team, both on-the-field and off and I think, really, everybody from the coaches, through all 90 or so players are excited about where the Chiefs are headed in 2013."

With that, I trust that the front office has done a great job and made the right numbers in spending.

Next the Chiefs went big in the Draft with taking offensive tackle Eric Fisher. When I look at that pick even more it just makes more sense to me for the fitting in KC. The OT was a must need and they got it taken care of…quick. I still think that the Chiefs need to sign another wide receiver. I don’t trust the depth they have at the moment and I still see signs of improvement.

"John Dorsey has done a great job from the personnel side; Andy's done a tremendous job in assembling his staff and coaching these guys over the last month or so and you can just see the progress they're making, the confidence they have; it's going to be a lot of fun to be a Chiefs fan this fall," said Hunt.

Lastly, with all the offseason talk of Andy Reid bringing a “pistol” type offense specialist, I think that bring a whole new look to the offense and could turn out to be a success in the long run. I really think they need to try a new route and I think they took that route. The team has some new looks and some more talent, so I look to see them on the field and bring more winning to the town of Kansas City.