Jon Baldwin The Chiefs ended the 2012 campaign with a lousy record of 2-12. The fans nor the front office want to see this out of this team again back to back years.

They cleaned house and have picked up some solid players in free agency and even the draft.

In order for the Chiefs to have a bounce back season they need these players to have a breakout year:

1) Jon Baldwin, WR - The Chiefs have not had a solid No. 2 wide out since 2008 and I see great potential in Baldwin to become one of the best wide receivers on this Chiefs' roster.

Of course the trouble of injuries and some "team" issues he has had a slow progress to become that receiver the Chiefs need. He has the skill set and the body type to become a beast of a receiver, but if he doesn't show up this year he will continue to drought of having a bad No. 2 WR. 

2) Tyson Jackson, DE - To me, a fan of the Chiefs, one of the biggest disappointments is Tyson Jackson. I understand that the end of the 2012 season he showed some nice play, but they need that game after game from him. He had only two sacks to end the 2012 season. He has some room for improvements and if he doesn't do so he could end up what Glenn Dorsey happened. 

3) Dexter McCluster, WR/RB - Now I hate to say this, but if Dexter cannot provide in the new Chiefs' offense I could see as far as less play time on the offense. He is a beast on special teams and is one of the most versatile player on this team. He is my favorite player on this team and I could see him as a top 10 player after this season. He has the skills to do it and we may see it come out this year. 

4) Alex Smith, QB - I know what your saying "he is a new guy", and "he is a great quarterback". I say this because the Chiefs to me hasn't had a solid QB since Trent Green. That's saying something. The fans and the front office has huge expectations for Alex Smith and I think that he will provide a smart-type QB the Chiefs have been looking for years now. I will be VERY upset if he is a bust. I hope not. 

5) Kendrick Lewis, FS - I think that Lewis has some great play making skills and could be one of the best safeties on this team. The only thing in his way his injuries. The Chiefs had made some smart moves in the offseason in order to try to keep this from happening or to have a safety net in case of Lewis recurring injuries.

In 2011 he managed three interceptions, one touchdown, 47 tackles, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery and 10 knockdowns. I really like what I see out of him when he is playing. 

Those are my players who I think that could be in need for a breakout year in order to stay in the race in the AFC West. Let's watch and see.