Jamaal Charles Kansas City is coming off one of the most emotional games in franchise history, and with a win Sunday it would mean so much to the fans and the families of the incident on that Saturday morning. 

With them winning their 2nd game of the season last week against the Panthers they face another great game with the Browns. 

I do have the Chiefs coming out with the win in this game, but there are some bold predictions I have going into this game on Sunday.

First off I think that the run game is in full affect this Sunday for the Chiefs and Jamaal Charles will finish the game with over 200 yards and at least get two touchdowns.

The Browns have the 16th best rushing defense in the NFL and haven’t showed me or others that they are improving at this point. I’m sure Charles is aware of that and should take the advantage of the opportunity to have a big game this Sunday.

Next with the Browns not having the best defense in the league and having one of the worst passing defenses in the league I could see Brady Quinn coming out with another big game. Last game the Chiefs and Quinn cut down on the turnovers big time and showed the have the ability to come out and win some games. I see Brady Quinn having over 300 yards passing and getting about two to three touchdowns.

Now, I know that is kind of a huge prediction, but when the Browns have the 24th worst passing defense in the NFL you have to predict a big game through the air and running the ball.

Now I know that the Chiefs' defense isn’t any better, but they sure do have a passing defensive corps with the 9th best passing defense in the NFL, but defending the rush they struggle with. 

So I see the run game in full affect for the Browns and could see even a good game from Trent Richardson (if healthy).

For the Browns if they get a win it’s with Brandon Weeden stepping up. They have won two straight and have shown they have some left in them. I don’t see Weeden having a big game, but I could see him improving and making a difference in the game. 

We will have to see if he can against the Chiefs' secondary. 

Lastly I think the final score for this game will be 28-14. Chiefs win. Jamaal Charles will be a huge part and Brady Quinn has shown he can still win some games. Let’s watch and see.