Kansas City Chief’s owner Clark Hunt spent nine hours with former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid yesterday.

Sources are saying that Reid was supposed to fly to Arizona to talk to the Cardinals about their head coaching job. He never made his evening flight.

Hunt along with Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli traveled to Philly yesterday and apparently pulled out all the stops in an effort to hire Reid on the spot.

Reid spent 14 years with the Eagles. He has won 130 games in his career and lost 93. He also has won 10 playoff games with the Eagles and lost 9. That’s more playoff wins than the Chiefs have had in their history as an organization.

The Chiefs fired Romeo Crennel last week following a sleep walking loss to Denver. Five players from the team went to the pro bowl this year, yet the team was only able to win 2 games, cinching the organization the number one overall pick in the 2013 draft.

The draft pick has to be appealing to Reid, as the pro bowl players on a team that under achieved.

Andy Reid has openly discussed wanting a package deal with him taking the head coaching job and Tom Heckert Jr as the General Manager.

Heckert was fired from the Browns earlier this year. Heckert and Reid have a history together and have had success in the past.

If the Chiefs hire Reid, expect Heckert to be coming to Kansas City along with him. This would put current General Manager Scott Pioli’s job in jeopardy.

Reid has had success in developing Bret Favre in Green Bay as a Quarterback Coach. He also drafted Donovan McNabb who led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, as well as repairing Michael Vick’s career after two years in jail.

If hired Reid’s ability to judge quarterback talent would be a great asset to the Chiefs who had poor play from the position this year.

Reid would appear to be a solid fit for Kansas City, a team that hasn’t had stable coaching success since Herm Edwards was fired four years ago.