Andy Reid The Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC West in 2013. Here are five reasons why (in no particular order).

1. Head Coach, Andy Reid -  He is one of the best coaches in football.

The guy just knows how to win. He has won 130 games during his 14-year head coaching career, which began in 1999.

He has made the playoffs in nine of his 14 seasons. He will turn the Chiefs around in a short amount of time.

2. General Manager, John Dorsey - Dorsey reunites with Andy Reid. The two served together on the Green Bay Packers' coaching staff from 1992-1997. They have chemistry working together. Dorsey is credited with drafting Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Greg Jennings.

3. No. 1 Draft Pick - This off-season, the Chiefs have the No. 1 overall draft pick and high picks in every round. As mentioned above, GM John Dorsey knows how to draft and he will bring in top quality players that can produce immediately and stay for years.

4. The Fans - There is a new sense of winning in Kansas City, or at least they're committed. That gives the fans a reason to spend their hard-earned money and fill the seats with butts. Arrowhead is a very different place when the fans are loud. Provides a real home-field advantage.

5. The Division - The division itself, the AFC West is not very strong. This year, the Denver Broncos feasted on what was a very weak division and helped Peyton Manning revitalize his career. If the team can bring in top talent, they could easily win the less than stellar division.