Kansas City Chiefs: 2013 Schedule Predictions

By Tim Gorman
June 20, 2013 1:56 pm
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Dwayne Bowe Jaguars vs. Chiefs - The Chiefs are going to start the season out right with a win over the Jaguars. Andy Reid gets his first win as the Chiefs get the easy victory, 24-10, and start out 1-0.

Chiefs vs. Cowboys - The Chiefs' improved defense proves to be to much for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. The Chiefs get the win 17-14 and improve to 2-0.

Eagles vs. Chiefs - The Chiefs travel to Philly in a Andy Reid reunion and you know he is going to want to win this one. The Chiefs get it done for Any Reid and win 28-17 and improve to 3-0.

Chiefs vs. Giants - The Chiefs are trying to beat their 3rd straight opponent from the NFC East and come up short. The Giants' offense and Eli Manning prove to be too good this game and win the game 21-10 and the Chiefs take their first loss and fall to 3-1.

Titans vs. Chiefs - The Chiefs are just a better team than the Titans and get the win here. The Chiefs win this game 35-17 and improve to 4-1.

Chiefs vs. Raiders - The Raiders are the worst team in the AFC West and it will show here as the Raiders travel to Kansas City for a beat down. The Chiefs get the win 28-10 and improve to 5-1.

Chiefs vs. Texans - The Texans are just to good for the Chiefs at this point but the Chiefs will make it a good game. The Texans get the win 24-21 and the Chiefs fall to 5-2.

Chiefs vs. Browns - The Chiefs win this game in a very tightly contested game as the Browns keep it closer than it should be in a low scoring game, 12-7, and the Chiefs improve to 6-2.

Bills vs. Chiefs - The Chiefs travel to Buffalo and take one on the road to improve the comeback year and make the push to make the playoffs. The Chiefs win 17-9 and improve to 7-2.

Broncos vs. Chiefs - Chiefs travel to Denver trying to take one from Denver but come up short in game one of two between the teams as they lose 31-20 and fall to 7-3 on the season.

Chiefs vs. Chargers - The Chargers just aren't where they need to be at this point and it shows as the Chiefs win this one 28-12 and improve to 8-3.

Chiefs vs. Broncos- The Chiefs lost a close one two weeks ago to these guys and get revenge as the Broncos travel to Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs get the win 24-17 and improve to 9-3.

Redskins vs. Chiefs - The Chiefs wrap up playing all NFC East teams by traveling to Washington to take on the Redskins and end up going 2-2 against the division as they lose by 10 points and fall to 9-4.

Raiders vs. Chiefs - Like I said earlier the Raiders just aren't a good team but this game is in Oakland and they will give us a good game but in the end will com up short as the Chiefs get the win and go 2-0 against the Raiders and improve to 10-4.

Chiefs vs. Colts - The Colts come to Kansas City and lose a close contested game 28-27 and the Chiefs improve to 11-4.

Chargers vs. Chiefs - The Chargers are out of playoff contention and have nothing to lose as the Chiefs come to down. The Chargers upset the Chiefs as the Chiefs fall to 11-5 but are still able to make the playoffs.

These are my predictions for this season, comment and tell me which ones you disagree or agree with.

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By Tim Gorman
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2 years ago
I understand the logic behind this, but I have to disagree pretty forcefully. The logic is that a team with as many talented players as KC was simply underperforming and a quality coach like Reid will get them up to snuff Harbaugh-style a la the 49ers. But their schedule just doesn't have as many bad teams as you've illustrated.

I'll give you the 3-0 start, but considering how talented the Titans are and how it's a make or break season for Munchak, Locker and Johnson, I can't see the Titans losing that one, especially not if you're saying the Chiefs won't be able to stop the read-option in Washington. The Titans are employing a similar offense with the uber-athletic Locker.

I also refuse to believe that somehow Alex Smith will put up more points that Peyton Manning, even once this season. And I feel the same about the match-up with the Colts. Alex Smith is certainly an upgrade, but there's a reason he was traded in for a newer model.

I can see a 9-7 record a lot better than I see 11-5, primarily because I simply don't see the Broncos or Titans losing to the Chiefs. The Chiefs have talented players, but they still lack mental toughness. I predict a losing record during the last half of the season. Certainly a turnaround in KC, but it takes more than a new coach to get motors running again.
2 years ago
I'm pretty sure the read-option is going to a lot harder to stop facing RGIII as opposed to Locker.. The Titans aren't as good as a team as your trying to make them out to be (Titans fan?) The Chiefs have upgraded in about every position that was suspect. And I do believe they will get Broncos at home it's very hard to win at Arrowhead with and exception to the last couple years. We'll just have to wait and see what happens and I believe they are a better team than the Colts they Colts were not an 11 win team talent wise last year and it will show a little more this year
2 years ago

Since 2008, the Chiefs record at home is 13-27. Only 4 of those wins were against division opponents. Arrowhead simply isn't the place it used to be, and it's not that hard to win there anymore. There is no such thing as home field advantage when it comes to the Chiefs.
2 years ago
I just realized how easy the Chiefs schedule is this year, and I hate the fact that 5 out of the last 7 games are against division opponents. I don't think they beat the Colts or Cowboys. Both offenses are just too much for this defense to handle right now. They will finish 9-7 at best.
2 years ago
I think the Chiefs will be 10-6 and still make the playoffs but lose to Denver because Manning will get his ring this year then retire!!!

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