Alex SmithLast year, the Kansas City Chiefs were the worst team in the league. Over the offseason, they brought in a great new coach, Andy Reid, and a couple of good players.

I'm honestly not sure why they did so poorly. Maybe it was bad leadership, but the veteran and impact-player presence wasn't an issue.

The Chiefs now have plenty of stars on offense, with the newly-added Alex Smith at the helm. People criticize him for being a bad quarterback, but he's not. He is an intelligent quarterback who doesn't take enought risks.

His lack of aggression is what got him booted out of San Francisco. Luckily, he still has a decent wide receiver in Dwayne Bowe. In the backfield, there is also an experienced veteran running the ball in Jamaal Charles. In my opinion, he's above average, but not a Top-5 running back like the analysts are saying.

On defense, they have lots of stars too. With Brandon Flowers, Dunta Robinson, and Sean Smith covering the receivers, they should be in a good position. The linebackers are amazing, with Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali leading their team against the run. As for getting into the backfield, linebacker Justin Houston got 10 sacks last year. He's about the only one who gets back there though. Not a lot of pressure.

I predicted earlier to my buddies that they'll have a record at least .500. Let's see if I was right!

Game 1: September 8th at Jacksonville Jaguars

At the beginning of their season, they play the second worst team in the league. The Jaguars didn't seem to get a whole lot better in the offseason, but at least they now know they have a receiver they can trust (Cecil Shorts III). Sadly, without a decent quarterback, and the possible sluggishness from Maurice Jones-Drew because of his foot injury lasy year, they wont get very far.

The Chiefs will show off their improved offense and confidence in this rout.

17-7, Chiefs win


Game 2: September 15th vs. Dallas Cowboys

Seeing as Tony Romo is the quarterback, anything could happen. I'm going to guess that with the Chiefs' confident defense, they'll play very hard in their home-opener by stopping Romo and taking the ball away. This will be their defining moment in the season, and will show the world they aren't playing around anymore.

The Cowboys are a very good team on paper, but the Chiefs have something to prove here. With their improved skills on all sides of the ball, they'll battle the Cowboys in a close one.

14-13, Chiefs win

Game 3: September 19th at Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been a mess since the "Dream Team." They're looking better though. With a new head coach & scheme, a heated quarterback battle (where both qbs are looking pretty good), and Vince Young no where to be seen (Good luck, Packers), they'll respark their flame in the division and look for wins.

The Eagles did lose a huge asset in Jeremy Maclin (ACL) though, as well as Arrelious Benn. Injuries (and racism) are plaguing the Eagles, and this could hurt their season, but they have decent depth. They'll still fight hard with the new system. Plus, Vick is having fun again!

24-28, Eagles win


Game 4: September 29th vs. New York Giants

The Giants didn't even make the playoffs last year. I really dislike the Giants (as a Packers fan), but I do recognize how good of a team they have during crunch-time. Eli isn't elite. But as a team, they are. The Chiefs will have a hard time slowing the offense, especially with David Wilson's speed and the tremendous wide receivers - Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

The Chiefs will have their work cut out for them, but the Giants are too powerful for them.

17-27, Giants win


Game 5: October 6th at Tennesee Titans

The Titans haven't been a fantastic team lately, but they're starting to improve. Granted, not as quickly as the Chiefs did over the offseason, they're looking much better. The biggest asset, in my opinion, is Bernard Pollard at safety. Still, on offense, they're shakey at quarterback, and if Chris Johnson re-becomes CJ2K (which he's been pretty lousy at the past two years), they'll be in a pretty good position. Still, they have bad receivers, except the currently injured and non-class-act Kenny Britt.

The Titans still need work, and wont be able to hold the Chiefs.

24-10, Chiefs win


Game 6: October 13th vs. Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are the first time the meet a divisional opponent. Over the offseason, they've improved at quarterback, but receeded quite badly at wide receiver. Darren McFadden hasn't stayed healthy at all, in his five years of being in the league.

The defense has gotten a couple upgrades, with Charles Woodson from the Packers and a bunch of players that will fill the holes in the defense. They're on their way, but not too far yet.

Sadly, even with these upgrades, the Raiders are still looking at a bad and fragile offense. The Chiefs won't let them get far.

17-3, Chiefs win


Game 7: October 20th vs. Houston Texans

The Texans will be a very hard team to beat. With an already fantastic defense, they improved some more, bringing in Ed Reed.  It will be hard for the Chiefs to score, having amateur-at-best receivers. The high-powered Texans' offense will most likely dominate. If Brandon Flowers can hang on to Andre Johnson (which I don't believe he can do), they still need people to deal with Arian Foster and his rushing attack. The Chiefs have a good defense, but the Texans have a great offense.

The Texans will most likely overpower the Chiefs quickly, even at home.

10-31, Texans win


Game 8: October 27th vs. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns aren't a pushover any more. They've been good for a while, but just not good enough. With the (what -looks- like an amazing) improvement of Brandon Weeden (Who is 18-of-25 for 229 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions in the preseason).

His new target, Josh Gordon, looks promising and Trent Richardson is still looking powerful (if he can stay healthy). The defense was upgraded as well, with Paul Krueger from the Ravens. With Joe Haden handling the secondary, Krueger should help lots against the run game.

With Haden locking down Bowe, Smith may have a lack of targets. All around, they're equal looking, but the Browns have more to prove and are sick of rebuilding.

10-13, Browns win

Jamaal CharlesGame 9: Novermber 3rd at Buffalo Bills

The Bills are the last game before their bye week. The Bills are looking ok, with an upgrade at quarterback. Kevin Kolb and EJ Manuel are battling for the job, but that's about the only upgrade they got.

The rest of the team is pretty decent overall. They're basically an underdog team. Sadly, not the good kind.

The Chiefs will walk all over them, due to the lack of overall depth for the Bills. But, they'll need to get pressure on (most likely) Manuel to get him uncomfortable.

27-14, Chiefs win


Game 10: November 17th at Denver Broncos

Fresh off of their bye, the Chiefs get to travel to Denver for a divisional game. The Chiefs will have a hard time keeping up with most likely the most powerful offense in the league this year. Plus, their defense is scary. Arguably one of the best in the league, the Chiefs wont get very far.

As rested as the Chiefs will be, they'll still get their butts kicked.

13-28, Broncos win


Game 11: Novermber 24th vs. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are the next of three division games in a row. The Chiefs get to play their banged up rival. With home-field advantage on their side, as well as a lack of aerial threatening. With Danario Alexander injured, Melvin Ingram injured, and Eddie Royal injured things aren't looking too well.

The Chiefs will do a good job of keeping the Chargers down, especially with all these injuries.

21-7, Chiefs win


Game 12: December 1st vs. Denver Broncos

The tough Broncos get to travel to Kansas City for the final divional game in the train. Sadly, it's to their really tough rival. After getting their butts kicked in Denver, I doubt they'll have much more luck in a third division game in a row.

They're going to get their butts whooped again.

13-31, Broncos win


Game 13: December 8th at Washington Redskins

This game wont be easy, but it's a break from another divisional matchup. The Redskins have the read-option under their belt, but I have a feeling that the Redskins aren't going to do too much of that.

With Robert Griffin III recovering from a knee injury, the doctors recommended keeping him out until WWWeek 5, but obviously the 'Skins wont be doing that. Theres a good chance he'll get injured again because of their impacients.

The Skins won't be doing a lot of read-option either way, so they'll have to rely on their pass game and Alfred Morris. They'll still have their work cut out for them though.

23-20, Chiefs win


Game 14: December 15th at Oakland Raiders

The second game against the Raiders will take them to Oakland, California. Like before, they wont have too much of a hard time against this offense. The defense isn't horrible, but they won't be able to do much against the Chiefs' new offense in full swing, at the end of the year. Plus, they'll be fighting for a spot in the playoffs.

The Raiders may have home field advantage, but they must upgrade their team more.

27-17, Chiefs win


Game 15: December 22nd vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are turning the corner, and will most likely be looking to secure a playoff spot in this game. Both teams will be looking to get in, but the Colts will already have a spot, most likely. But that doesn't mean they'll hand over the game out of politness. Their high-powered offense and pretty good defense will definitely give them a hard time.

The Chiefs will definitely have their work cut out for them, but probably wont prevail against Andrew Luck's abilities.

21-30, Colts win


Game 16: December 29th at San Diego Chargers

The Chiefs get to travel to a rival's field for their last game of the year. Sadly, they lost their chance at a playoff spot, but they'll probably take their anger out at their division rival at home. Plus, the Chargers will still be banged up (they have a lot of ACL injuries).

Expect a decent game, because they're both just playing for stats and a better looking record.

20-14, Chiefs win



The Chiefs actually make it 9 winning games with the help of Alex Smith's leadership, and finish off the season 9-7. Sadly, they just missed the wildcard spot in the playoffs, but it is their first year of building up chemistry and confidence in their team. They'll keep improving over the span of Andy Reid's reign.