Chiefs It’s a good thing that Clark Hunt likes the changes that were made with the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason.

The owner of the ball club overhauled many management positions, including head coach and has brought in new players to a roster that although boasted a 2-14 record, was represented in the Pro Bowl by five starters.

Somehow that seems impossible to fathom.

This is a new look Kansas City ball club with Andy Reid at the helm and quarterback Alex Smith behind center.

The franchise has a good defense led by Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry, and an offense that starters with Smith and Dwayne Bowe and the running game of Jamaal Charles.

In an article written by the Associated Press, Hunt expressed what this season has meant so far.

"It's been so exciting this spring to see the guys progress," Hunt said. "Even two weeks ago, I thought the practice was great, but you move to today and the mini-camp that we're in, you can see the guys are really picking it up. You can feel the excitement in the building."

Will this team be better than last season? It should be. Here are five pressing questions this team must answer as it goes into training camp.

Was last season a fluke? With five players in the Pro Bowl, it probably was. This happens to teams from time to time. The Chiefs were not as bad as their record indicated. I think with new players in place and a new attitude, this is a team that can break even this year, which is a very good thing.

How does Alex Smith react to new surroundings? This is probably the best place for Smith. Andy Reid had an electric and uneven quarterback in Mike Vick in Philadelphia. Smith is a game manager and a student of the offense. Reid will not ask him to do more than his is capable of doing.

Will Eric Berry take the next step? The Chiefs have had very good defensive backs over the years. Berry is one of the new breed. If the defense is to make noise, Berry, who is already pretty good, will need to make his presence known in a  big way. He has the size and speed to be a great defensive back.

Can Dwayne Bowe lead the league in catches? He thinks he can and he says he can. Whether he can or not remains to be seen. Bowe is gifted and can be a game-breaker. I think he needs to have a breakout season. This season is as good as any.

How will Andy Reid adjust? I think he wanted out of Philadelphia as much as the team wanted him out. A new and fresh start. This team can be good. Reid is still a good coach. The surroundings in Kansas City are different. The climate and culture is different. All things being equal, everyone starts over and gets a new beginning.