Tom CoughlinThe New York Giants might be suffering a major blow this season as they’re a putrid 0-4 but defensive leader Justin Tuck is pissed off.

Tuck doesn’t mind if you talk bad about anyone on the team but don’t put coach Tom Coughlin’s name in your mouth.

Everyone is frustrated on the team and when your losing teammates start to point the finger, many times it’s the coach’s fault as they would say.

But Justin Tuck is sticking up for his general and goes on record to say that anyone that blames Tom Coughlin for these defeats they will get punched in the mouth.

When I first heard it I was like Giants do your best by sticking together in these trying times of defeat. But then I had an epiphany and thought that this might be a good thing to charge up this organization.

They just are playing pitiful and aren’t representing the red, white and blue on their helmets. This just doesn’t look like a New York Giants team that we’re use to seeing playing. I don’t know who they are as we watch a team lacking identity.

Justin Tuck has stirred up some talk tonight all around sports and some don’t know how to take what he said. It’s looking like a broken locker room as players have lost some trust in one another.

When there is a lack of blocking for the quarterback people tend to just say, “it’s just a bad offensive line." I can understand that but these are professionals and if you lack confidence, heart and effort your line will get pushed around. This is a moment for the team to look in the mirror and see what they can do to turn this season around and not blame others but point the finger at themselves.

Sadly to say that the NFC East is pretty weak and its wide open for the taking. At 0-4 the Giants are only two games behind to take the lead in the division.

That should tell it all. Hopefully with the anger that Justin Tuck portrayed, he can put that in his energy this Sunday in their battle with their rival, the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.