Junior Seau not only was one of the all-time great linebackers in NFL history, but he was admired, respected, and genuinely loved by teammates and opponents alike.  One just has to see the outpouring sadness and support from not just fans, but from the league itself to see how much he meant to the San Diego Chargers and to the NFL.  While there are still questions that probably will never really be answered about his death, let’s take a look back and celebrate a football life that was one of the best of the modern era.  With a resume that includes 12 Pro Bowl berths, 10 All-Pro nominations, an NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, and nomination to the NFL’s 1990’s All-Decade Team, it was difficult to pull out #55s five best performances.  Take a look, and see if you agree:

5.  9/10/00 vs. New Orleans Saints:  In the worst season in Chargers history (1-15), Seau was one of the lone bright spots.  In the closest of their 15 losses, Seau recorded 15 tackles, all solo, in an effort where the Chargers fell just short, 27-28.

4.  9/29/96 vs. Kansas City Chiefs:  Seau usually saved his better games for close contests; with the game in doubt most of the way, Seau secures 12 tackles and 2 INTs as an integral part of a 22-19 victory.

3.  1/12/08 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars:  Sensing his first shot at a ring since 1994 was at hand, Seau had his best game of the year for the Patriots, recording 10 tackles in the divisional playoff game against the Jaguars.  Sadly, Seau’s pursuit of that elusive Super Bowl ring ended when the Giants upset the undefeated Patriots 14-17 in Super Bowl XLII.

2.  12/23/95 @ New York Giants:  Seau collects a season-high 13 tackles on his way to leading the Chargers to a 27-17 victory, a win they needed to secure a post-season berth.

1.  1/5/95 @ Pittsburgh Steelers:  In the AFC Championship game, Seau had one of his best games of the ’94 season and his career.  He was all over the field, collecting 16 tackles (12 solo), helping to propel the Chargers to their first and so far only Super Bowl.

If you have any other games you’d like to mention, please do post them in the comments!