Joyer Many of us grow up with an older sister of brother whom we constantly try to emulate or best in some fashion. 

Whether these petty (but often times enjoyable) conflicts take shape in sports, academics, parental approval or social status, the rivalry that is created stands the tests of time and the memories never fade.   

As the baby in my family, I can remember trying to become a better tennis player because almost everyone in my family plays. 

Some of my most enjoyable memories came from those tennis courts at Graham Memorial Park in central Kentucky. 

My brother and two of my sisters and I would play most every day in the summer and fall months until ten or eleven o’clock at night. What we didn’t know then was that our group effort trying to beat up on each other was not only fun, but it was actually making us better. 

And that is where this tease ends and a teaser for the ages begins. In less than a week, two brothers will play for the first time on opposing teams in a college game that just so happens to be in the national spotlight. 

Michael DiRocco of ESPN’s Gator Nation interviews the Joyer brothers, both of whom are playing in the Allstate Sugar Bowl on January 2 in New Orleans. 

Kamran Joyer, 6’3” and 270 pounds, is a junior offensive lineman for the No. 21 Louisville Cardinals. His younger brother Hunter is a sophomore running back for the No. 3 Florida Gators measuring 5’10” and weighing 249 pounds.

There can be no doubt the siblings have had a positive effect on each other.  Perhaps their relationship is what got them into two BCS schools with the opportunity to make history – the kind of history that is forever remembered around the dinner table at holiday gatherings and around the grill at family barbecues.

Check out DiRocco’s interview to get a feel for the moment. The optics couldn’t be better. The stakes are huge and the amount of bragging rights is tremendous. On January 2, 2013, a Joyer will be able to boast a Sugar Bowl victory and family bragging rights, but which one?